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20 phrases for career success: what you need to say the boss

20 phrases for career success
20 phrases for career success

How to improve relations with the chief, not to be considered a sycophant. Bernard Marr offers a 20 often use these phrases. And the result is not long to wait

Do you want to make a good impression on the new boss or improve your relationship with your current boss? Try adding some of these potent phrases in your communication. You can easily improve your position and relationship with the head without guile, flattery and servility.

1. How can I help?

This is probably something that any manager wants to hear most. (The opposite effect take on a momentum phrase: “It’s not my job.”) This defines you as a team player and says that you are ready to go at something that goes beyond your basic responsibilities.

2. Not a problem.

When your boss asks you to do something, express a positive attitude to this. Assure your boss that you will cope with the task, and without its participation and detailed control.

3. I would like to find out more.

Show your boss that you are interested in things that are outside your area of ​​expertise – a great way to demonstrate your desire to develop in the company and move up the career ladder. It characterizes you as a person ambitious, understand their weaknesses and work on them ready.

4. How can I improve my work in the future?

This is particularly useful in assessing the effectiveness of your work, but you can ask this question at any time. This shows that you are willing to listen and accept constructive criticism. And if you take it to heart and make the necessary changes that will be even better.

5. I’ll take the resolution of this issue.

The voluntary initiative and demonstrate leadership qualities – what executives expect to see in the valuable employees.

6. I love my job.

This phrase does not often hear from the staff! Even if you like it is not all in your work, you could probably identify several things that you can tell your boss. Who does not love enthusiastic employees?

7. This is how we can solve this problem.

Problem Solving – an extremely effective way to elevate himself in the eyes of management. If you have come to your boss and say, “Here’s the problem. We can do A, B or C, to solve it, and I think we should do, because … “- thus you show initiative and creative thinking. Even if you and your boss are different views on the solution to this problem, it will be impressed by what you thought about how to fix it, and not just come to report on its existence.

8. No.

It’s actually a good idea – to set clear boundaries in the relationship with your boss and say “no” from time to time. At the same time, be as polite. Good boss will respect you for what you are able to establish and maintain the distinct boundaries.

9. I saw that it was necessary to do, so I did it.

I think that this phrase as the music for each of us! Chiefs adore people who solve problems on their own and do not need constant supervision and micromanagement. Furthermore, if it does not formally “your job”, but it should be done – anything from a replacement cartridge for the printer to clerical work – once you earn extra points.

10. There is an idea …

A good leader always welcomes new ideas. The main thing – to present them at the right time and right place. Official meeting, which is held “brainstorming” and each offers new ideas? Wonderful time. Meeting with the client where you are presenting a set of proposals? Maybe not the best time.

11. I would like to talk to you before you plan your vacation.

Almost every boss hates it when he is told that already bought tickets to the islands in the Caribbean, without discussing first with the ability to release him at this time. So before you buy tickets, put your head in recognition, when you want to go, how do you plan to redistribute your load during your absence.

12. Let me show you.

When describing a difficult situation or a problem it would be good to have some visual tools for easier understanding. This is especially helpful in the case of a large number of input data.

13. Everything will be done to the …

Specific about the timing of the work your boss will definitely appreciate. The ability to set clear deadlines and stick to them very useful for a manager tries to manage the expectations of your boss and other members of the team. Of course, do not forget to keep my promise, otherwise it does not cost anything!

14. I understand correctly, you’re saying that …

It is a method of active listening, when you repeat what you understand from what your boss said. At first glance you might think it’s a little silly, but this way you show that you listened carefully to your boss, and actually realized that you have to do. Chiefs like to be told they perceived wrong.

15. It was my fault, but next time …

Managers appreciate employees who not only admit their mistakes, but also understand that you need to do to avoid a similar situation in the future.

16. I could use your guidance.

Managers tend to be pleased to be able to act as experts, and most of them will be happy to express their opinions and give you some advice, what to do to grow and advance in the company and in his career as a whole. Even if you just ask for help or advice – your boss will feel that it is appreciated.

17. I agree.

Everyone likes when someone else will share their views and recognizes the importance of their ideas – and your boss is no exception. You should not indulge in the extreme, not to become the Kivalov-yes-men. But when you really see eye to eye on a particular issue with your supervisor or support some of his idea – tell him about it.

18. I understand your point. I myself thought that this can be done in the following way …

Even if you do not agree with your boss, show him due respect; it is not necessary to expose him a fool and say that he is wrong (especially in the presence of other people), is not afraid to communicate their thoughts and ideas. Anyone would take into account the different points of view if they are made calmly and politely.

19. How are you doing?

Do not forget that your boss is a man like any other! And he, too, are successful and difficult days. If you want to try to show a genuine interest in the way things are going at it, or ask about things outside of work that interest him – children, hobbies, sports teams. Establish a personal connection.

20. Thank you.

A good boss always thanks its employees for a job well done, but who says thank you to the boss? If you solve the problem, gave good advice and valuable suggestions, thank! Your boss will be very happy.

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