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5 tips on how to find your dream job

5 tips on how to find your dream job
5 tips on how to find your dream job
How often, after the dismissal of you swear to myself that no longer kupites on promises considerable annual bonuses, a word about the close-knit team of professionals, interesting projects, beautiful office, finally to free coffee and cookies mountain office? !! Normally, if the “dream deal” did not immediately soared, former samurai office in a hurry to return to his alma mater – a large comfortable office with a cute smiling staff. But just a few months the feeling of euphoria passes from returning again and you start to look at the door, sighing about never happened dream. And your resume updated with the next item on the beautiful place of work, place of work and deprived of another professional. And so it can continue indefinitely, until you get tired of searching for that perfect job (or your own project).

To learn how to stop rushing between the offices of various companies, and finally find a job that will give you around, share “bounty hunter” Jennifer Gresham.

Ignore good advice

Good intentions, as we know, is lined road in not a very nice place. For example, you find a job in one of the districts of the city and is now looking for an apartment, from which you could quickly get to work, for example, without the aid of machines. Search criteria can be arbitrary, but it is your personal, so someone he can seem strange and not quite right. And you begin to ask the people living in different regions close to your future place of work, about how life is there, etc. And they begin to convince you that their neighborhood is the best, because they live there and know where the good. And gradually you start to doubt their initial choice, think about what might really worth all the same to buy a car and live in an area that you have advised.

Likewise the work. People are starting to convince you that that company (or field of activity), in which they work, is the best choice! Maybe for them it is, but not the fact that your criteria are the same and the same place of work for you will be the same ideal.

Do not let knock yourself confused and think about what is good for you, not for someone else.

Ask describe the work with the help of adjectives

When you read in the guidebook description of an area without seeing it, you already imagine its buildings and streets, just trusting the adjectives that he was described. Or try to ask your friend about any place and to submit to the area. And then to go there yourself and see what associations it evokes in you.

Likewise the work. Ask someone who works there, pick adjectives that most clearly describe its essence and display. For example, the adjective “perspective” can easily be replaced by “competitive” or “tense” – sounds not so tempting, is not it? Think about the suitability of this work for you personally.

Before making a final decision, ask their employees as much as possible

How often do you hear that the company – it’s one big happy family, where every employee is valued and his opinion counts. We say that not to leave the company, and from a bad boss. But in reality this is not always the case. If your team is not accepted to cover each other’s backs and staff are often in a state of permanent war with each other, think carefully about whether the cost of such work your nerves. What would be a great reward you will not be offered and whatever the Dushka your boss. You simply can not or do their job and within the time nor feel safe.

You can take years to understand what you mean “strong family” if you need to do is feeling and, of course, to find just such a team. So if you come for a trial period, during this time, try as much as possible to get to know their employees not only in the workplace, but also on vacation – go with them for lunch, attend general training, etc.

Be honest with yourself

Imagine that you have to choose from two apartments. Inside they have virtually nothing from each other do not differ, but one has a wonderful back yard, and the other not, but there are nice views of the neighborhood garden. Naturally one that a backyard, is much more expensive. So you need to collect my thoughts and realize that you no longer need – the backyard or just need a beautiful appearance? Especially if in the previous apartment you had back yard, which is simply not used. Is it worth it to pay more just because so kind and made exactly the same court was in your old apartment?

Exactly the same analogy can be carried out with the job search. Be honest with yourself, and figure out what you do not like that annoying. Maybe you do not like is not the work itself, but only a few points that you perceive as a waste of time? Came into conflict with his ego and try to understand the true causes unpleasant feelings towards work.

Beware zone of indifference

If you have to choose between the two apartments, one of which is very good, and the second in terms of two heads below the first, your choice will be obvious and will not be difficult. But if the apartments are almost identical and each has its own nuances that can be pluses and minuses at a time (as you turn), the choice is complicated and you begin moral torment.

With all the work just as well! If one is much more advantageous than that of the second, your choice is obvious. But if the proposed job is almost the same, you have problems begin. You compare all compare, write out on a piece of paper all the pros and cons, compare, again write lists. And so can continue until a nervous breakdown or select a job with a coin (heads or tails). And the longer you think and compare, the more you will feel regret over not selected work – and suddenly it would have been better ?!

In this case your choice suffering useless, because both work the same (neither better nor worse). Calm down, take a deep breath and just select one of them.

Checklist working conditions

All people are different and each has its own criteria for the desired operation. The list of criteria may not be so full, but the answers to his questions, you would greatly facilitate the search for himself his ideal job.

Physical (which is similar to your work)

  • indoors or outdoors?
  • City or countryside?
  • How long does it take to switch?
  • How will you get to work (car, bicycle, public transport, on foot)?
  • How often do you traveling?
  • How many hours do you work?
  • Private room, office, or common area (ie, laboratory, classroom, kitchen)?
  • Noisy or quiet?

Emotional (feelings that causes your work)

  • What is the pace of your work?
  • The content or that excites?
  • Funny or requiring concentration?
  • Relaxing or challenging?
  • Stable or requiring initiative?
  • predictable or unpredictable?
  • Structured or without a particular structure?
  • Can you be by themselves, or you have to adapt?

Social (with whom and how you interact)

  • Do you spend most of their time with clients or colleagues?
  • Are you a leader or a follower?
  • Do you work in a team or independently?
  • Work is in the nature of a partnership or vice versa – competitive?
  • Horizontal or vertical relationship between employees?
  • large or small organization?
  • liberal or conservative?
  • What is the demographics of your colleagues?

Not all of these factors are important to you when choosing a job, but they will help you to significantly narrow down the choice of work and maybe you linger on it for a long time.

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