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5 ways to calm down during the interview

5 ways to calm down during the interview
5 ways to calm down during the interview
Stress during the interview – a common occurrence. And not everyone is in such a state is able to show themselves, to reach their potential. Excitement makes many of us, the oppressed, doubt and uncertainty. What kind of abilities and achievements! Therefore, going for an interview, take a course to overcome the stress state.

No stimulants

Give up on the day of the interview from the coffee, strong tea and chocolate, lots of sweets. Your nervous system and it will work like clockwork, and energized stimulating substances, such as caffeine and sugar, can cause a state of near panic. Instead of candy, eat sweet fruit, especially if you are in a gloomy mood – fast carbs will fall by the way. If you smoke, wait a little with the first cigarette. First interview, then break. First, nicotine stimulates the nervous system, and secondly, if the person would be a non-smoker, your smells can make a negative impression on him, even on a subconscious level. And, of course, alcohol the night before, too taboo. How to better night’s sleep – good night’s sleep will cause nervous system back into balance.

Be brief

To these questions, try to answer briefly – it will protect you from the confused and confusing speeches. Long time to choose your words, silent, hum and explained ornately unacceptable. This will ultimately lead to the fact that you are nervous, seeing the impatience, indifference or lack of understanding of the interviewer. Do not tire details unnecessarily and do not allow field. Genuine interest and kindness companion – the best prevention of stress.

Breathe deeply

Proper breathing – a great power. If you feel or know for sure that you can not avoid stress, find a way to retire before the interview and breathe as follows. Breathe “bottom up”, ie, filling the belly with air first, then the lower part of the chest, and after that – the top. At the same time it is necessary to rise above your head slightly bent at the elbows. Then hold your breath for 10 seconds without dropping hands, and then exhale sharply, uttering the sound “ha”, at the same time torso and drop your hands down. Repeat need several times.

However, if you have already come to the company, especially if you started to talk, and to commit such an action is unacceptable, and stress nevertheless coming, use a simple and sure method – breathe slowly and deeply. Especially important for stress relief maximum deceleration exhale.


Complacent in using the account can be if you have some time, when you do not need to be very careful and collected, for example, in anticipation of the interview. Sit in the waiting room and read, but not as sheep for insomnia, and focus on themselves numbers. You can present them visually imagine – let deuce is silk ribbon, and the triple – twisted wire. The main point of this game with the imagination – aside and stop thinking about the upcoming event. Then you begin to talk in an easy and relaxed and again before strain, may be able to make a favorable impression.


When we feel that we are treated kindly and sympathetically, we relax. In order to please the interviewer, try it “pozerkalit” – people instinctively respond positively to their own kind. Listen to the rate of human speech – let your will be the same. Keep your hands in the same way as he does. Breathe in rhythm with the counterpart – it is a very good tool for establishing contact.

And another thing: do not think about stress. Take for granted: it is the norm, and stop his fear. If you forget about it, you do not have to deal with it.

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