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9 assistants at the interview

9 assistants at the interview www.besteverjobs.com
9 assistants at the interview www.besteverjobs.com
You schedule an interview. Are you prepared – to choose the right clothes, tuned in a positive way. But do not rush to throw habitual movement shoulder bag. Take a few minutes to inspect its contents.


Do not forget to take a watch, having verified whether they are going. Do not rely on an internal sense of time, as well as on the street dials and boards in the metro – they often err inaccurate.


On the need to take a passport even to say no – any serious company will ask you to verify identity at the entrance. Whatever the nature of the conversation was neither, not too lazy to take a diploma and other documents on education – your allegations may be questioned. Workbook also will not be superfluous. Otherwise the full confidence that you have not been dismissed from their previous work under the ugly content, your counterpart will not. Resume better to bring in a separate folder or file in the solid – list in any case should not be dented.

Notebook and pen.

Most likely, you will need to make some notes during the conversation. The notebook will certainly have to be clean sheets, and the handle should be intact. Find a blank piece of paper in a battered notebook in vain to paint the rod in front of the interlocutor – is not the most appropriate action.

Map of the city.

The compact city map would be very helpful – sometimes to find a lane in the town center it takes longer than that to get to the outskirts. Study your route in advance and do not forget to bring a map or schematic sketch the location of the desired seats in the notebook.


shawl handy to wipe your hands before the meeting. Even if the interview you will not have to shake hands with the other party, not very clean hands – and it is enough to travel on public transport or eaten ice cream along the way – have to hide. And to make such manipulation unnoticed unlikely. Shawl will rescue you in case of unexpected cold.


In Moscow, everything is unpredictable. On the day of the interview be sure to listen to the weather forecast, and even in the unlikely event of rain do not be lazy to take an umbrella. It is unlikely that you will feel comfortable if during a conversation with you will drain the water.

Cleaning sponge for shoes.

Clean and neat shoes would say a good word for you. It is filthy, especially in the fall, will not be difficult. Of course, everyone knows that the street slush, but standing in dirty shoes on a clean floor, and even on a light carpet, you will look sloppy. A small sponge with a polishing liquid to solve the problem.

Breath freshener.

Refreshing candies, chewing gum, mint spray – no matter how you do it, but the smell of drinking coffee, smoked cigarettes, not to mention the dinner with garlic sauce, you will not add charm.

Mobile phone or a phone card.

If it happened to strike – you are late or not at all can come, be sure to call and tell the interviewer. In this case, you are likely to appoint another time. And finally, the last – in the bag, place the order, throwing everything superfluous! If the interview you for a long time to dig into it to find the right things, it is unlikely the employer considers you a neat worker.

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