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Are you ready for a trick questions in the Interview?

Are you ready for a trick questions in the Interview www.besteverjobs.com
Gone are the days when the interview you could meet only easy questions such as: “Why should we hire you?” Because every day more and more people looking for work, recruiters can afford to be choosy.

The ever-growing number of workers makes interviewers ask tougher questions. This means that it is necessary to prepare in advance answers.

Here’s what you should be prepared:

“What is your reason for leaving last job?”

Background issue: It may minimize the Internet project, perhaps this economic downturn. Whatever the reason, recruiters understand that money is not the main motivation of employees. There are other, more serious reasons for changing jobs. Be prepared to reveal their reasons. Do not get lost. This is not a “tricky question,” and it does not exist uniquely correct answer. On the contrary, the interviewer wants to know more about your qualities and character, to decide if you qualify this organization.

Best answer: It is best to say that you are looking for: a chance to learn something new … career opportunities … increased responsibility … a chance to work in an organization known for its creative approach … management experience work … with advanced technology.

Note: Your chances will tend to zero, if you say, for example, that you had a personal conflict … you tired of this job … or a way to work takes too much time.

“Can we be sure that you do not run away at the first opportunity?”

Background: The obvious answer would be “Yes, of course!”, but most of all, it’s not what you want to hear from. Instead, explain why you want the job and what you expect from it. Hardly anyone would believe a candidate who says that is committed and would not leave even for a much better position.

Note: If there are no special circumstances, you must promise to work at this place some certain period of time, especially if you have changed jobs many times or if you are under 35. But you must be sure to fulfill his promise.

“How will I know that you are the best candidate?”

Background: In answering this question, you have to convince the employer that you have all the skills required in your work. Perhaps he already faced with the problem of poor choices or problems arose later when reshuffle. The employer may even doubt their ability to choose the best candidate. Help him. Do this by explaining to him that you are ideally suited for the position, and that he would not regret hiring you. Persuasive, rehearsed response should not take more than 90 seconds.

Note: In this way, the interviewer is really asking, “What guarantee do I get?” Of course, there is no guarantee (as the employer knows of any), but it is better not to talk.

“Can I speak with someone who you do not like?”

Background: This question is important for future managers. It is not as unfriendly as it seems at first glance. The employer wants to hear from anyone that even though you and he were best friends, you respect each other and work well together. In other words, you do not have those personal qualities that repel other employees. This issue is also a reminder for employees in companies with a flat structure, you need to maintain good relations not only with the boss, but also with each other.

Note: If you are applying for the position of manager, you can not avoid this topic. Some recruiters say former subordinates of candidates for leadership positions, and can learn from these workers about the enemies of this manager.

“What do you think about the long-term goals of the organization?”

Background: Once again the question of the applicant for the manager. It reflects the interest of the interviewer to strategic planning. Describe any of your experience regarding the long-term planning, even if you do it for yourself, not for work. What do you set goals? Did they achieve?

Note: Too many workers with extensive experience lost when the question about the future of their industry. Think about what you could answer as many interviewers love this question.

“Do you think what you’ll be doing in three years?”

Background: Generally, the employer wants to know whether the candidate career ambitions. So, I think, for example, that if you want to become a manager.

Note: Do not think that this question is asked only to young professionals. With it may face even those candidates who are over 40. Often the question baffled as workers only think that they would like to be greater than at present.

Yet no preparation will not save you from the unexpected question. If there is something unexpected, do not panic. Instead, focus on your skills. If the question puts you in a dead end, there is nothing wrong with saying, “I never thought about it” or “I do not know. I need to think.

Who knows, your sincerity will help you get the job done.

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