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Common mistakes in the interview

Common mistakes in the interview
Common mistakes in the interview
Have you ever thought about why the job is converted to a record for one hundred meters and hopelessly tedious long marathon for others? Havernyaka among your relatives or friends, there are those, and others. If career success can be easily explained by the presence of profitable acquaintances, “cool family” or just luck, the fruitless attempts to get a job and are deeply depressing confusion. It would seem that all good people – and higher education, and work experience there, and after sending resume call of the companies invited to the interview … But that’s after a job interview not take …

So what is the cause of another failure? What are the common mistakes allowed applicants during the interview? I will try to answer this question based on their own experience recruiter.

Many companies are willing to use the services of recruitment agencies, trusting them to select the most suitable candidates for the vacant post. So remember – it was from an interview in the personnel agency depends on whether you get to the interview to the employer, and whether the agency’s employees consider your candidacy for other vacancies or your resume will settle ballast in the database with a fatty agency marked “minus”. So try to find possible “cons” as their “pros” know everything.

The first and the most banal – the appearance of man coming in for an interview. Unfortunately, often the agency “run up” in search of work women laden with bags, boxes. Cute homemaker, it is not necessary to combine a shopping trip to the interview, it is better “Store things” to do at any other time, so as not to spoil the impression of himself. The same applies to the strong half of humanity, which somehow tries to combine a visit to the recruitment agency with a visit to Car or car washing. Absolutely unacceptable to appear at the interview in a tracksuit, T-shirt and shorts, with a shopping bag. The words “I do repairs,” etc. sound unconvincing.

Hekotorye prefer to come in for an interview, accompanied by relatives, and here, I assure you, it comes just before the jokes.

Haprimer, active woman brings to her husband’s interview klutz. She immediately took the initiative and talk to your question answers itself agency, not giving her husband open his mouth. One gets the impression that he was dumb. Two minutes later, we have all heard about the stupidity and worthlessness her life partner.

After such a visit, the agency’s employees together recall of Prince Igor’s aria “O give, give me liberty …” and feel sorry for the poor fellow man, but to take responsibility for presenting the employer sluggish and passive employee recruitment agency is not ready. That “hangs” resume database with a short note “to the interview came from his wife.”

Such anti-advertising do to their wives and caring husband. The situation is repeated with the same layouts. Describing his wife as a being completely homemade, naive and not adapted to the harsh realities of life, the husband nevertheless do not forget to call it a salary of interest, specify the age of the future chief, and emphasizes that strongly encourages recycling. It happens that just putting a spouse caring for the door, a consultant agency is able to communicate with the woman and find out what she wants, and knows that he knows.

University graduates – a special category of applicants, they often come in for an interview, accompanied by moms, dads and even grandparents. Psychologically, it is justified, because the parents of the child first job – the same thing that the “first time in first class.” But do not forget that during the years of study in high school your child has got a huge amount of knowledge, so do not bother to express themselves to the child during the interview. Given that many companies are willing to take to his college graduates with no work experience, in active, independent, enterprising folks have a real chance to make a career.

How often, citing its rejection of a particular candidates, leaders utter the phrase: “A good specialist, knows English, but just a child …” So that your children did not make an impression on others, “mama”, better yet go interview take a walk in the fresh air and give his “one and only young specialists” an opportunity to climb the first rung of the career ladder.

If you have some concerns before traveling to the recruitment agency, try to obtain preliminary information on the phone (whether the agency’s license, the terms on which the agency is working with candidates and others.). Then dissipate your doubts and do not have to lead “a group of moral support.” Going on a job interview, it is better to forget the children’s poem “We walk a couple of Tamara” and trust their own knowledge and intuition.

Of course, it is necessary to prepare for the interview in advance, it is desirable to consider the possible questions and your answers, create a resume . By the way, your task – to get to the interview as much information about the job and the company. It may well be that the procedure established in the company, such as penalties for late, limited smoke breaks or something else, you are absolutely not satisfied with …

The main thing is that everything you say sounds correctly. Imagine yourself in the place of the consultant agency who hears the following monologue: “Hazvanie last company, I do not remember exactly, but I have so many of them have changed over the last year salary …? Yes, we get but how much – I remember vaguely … “It should be possible in this case to contact the recruitment agency or is it first treat memory?

You must be willing to question the reason for the dismissal from the previous place of work. Motivation is very important to your care … Do not hesitate to talk about that at the previous job you something did not suit. After all, you are not condemned for life to work in the same company! However, criticism is good in moderation. Sometimes, the answer to this question, applicants were sharply criticized their former companies and their management. Anything can happen, but if after working in 3-4 companies in humans are of them only negative memories, this is alarming.

Imagine the situation: a woman comes in for an interview, a pharmacist who works in the prestigious pharmacy, salary levels it is quite satisfied. However, her story, it follows that in a drugstore, there are certain rules that literally carve it out yourself. Haprimer: customers have to smile politely, to watch a showcase – set medications carefully … and more … you can not drink tea all together, one by one … In general, the management of abnormal thinking only of income and clients.

That is terrible! As the man had no luck with work! But sometimes we all go to the pharmacy and, strange as it seems, want us to smile, and the employer is unlikely to need a staff member to take “ozverin” …

And here is another mistake made in the interview. Cute little girl pretending to position Interpreter, perfectly kept at the interview and nearly got a job offer, he suddenly said: “Could not finish the day a little earlier – otherwise I will be hard to keep up on” Love and secrets Sanset- Beach “.

The result of this statement, I think you is clear: to work the candidates accepted by the other, and the girl we do not worry – albeit quietly watching television …

By the way, if you have successfully passed the interview at the recruitment agency and it proposed your candidature to the employer – be careful! From your behavior at a meeting with the employer depends not only employment opportunities for this job, and further cooperation with the agency. Hashe Agency (many agencies) practicing the presence of his advisor at the interview in the company. Here you have to keep the “double test” – the employer appreciates you as a potential employee, a consultant – as a potential candidate for a similar job in other companies.

Therefore, going for an interview, think about what would happen if you, for example, late for a meeting with the employer for 15 minutes? After receiving an offer from the agency about the new job, again late for a meeting with the employer? Or do not come to the meeting with the employer, which you were warned staff recruitment agency? Forget to wash your hair, put on socks … well, put himself in order? Come with a persistent odor of alcohol after a night of partying? The list goes on and on … So – nothing will! And above all, there will be more job offers, searching for which you and appealed to the recruitment agency because any agency values ​​its reputation … Do not let the stupid mistakes, because, as it is banal sounds, the successful completion of the job depends on it from you.

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