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Confidence in the interview – the key to success?

Confidence in the interview key to success
Confidence in the interview key to success
How to behave at the interview? In some cases it is necessary to show perseverance, and in which – care? How to make the inner confidence did not seem presumptuous?

When the applicant goes to an interview, it should be ready for anything. However, this does not mean that you need to prepare a list of answers to all possible questions, and if I had asked for something that is not on the crib, then try, as a student of the famous anecdote, bring the conversation to the topic of fleas.

The interview is an exchange of information. Candidate studies employing company, and it is represented by a representative of the candidate is studying. So no need to worry as the exam. If invited for an interview – so interested.

But the man who currently do not have work, as a rule, very nervous, and the representative of the HR organization may feel that it is something not agree, or, on the contrary, reported false information. At the same time, if the applicant behaves in the interview arrogant, pushy or too harsh, it is possible that have doubts whether he can settle down in the team. After all, a good hiring manager knows that even one person is capable of destroying the fragile climate of the organization. Thus, the most appropriate quiet friendly tone, without flattery, but without familiarity.

Of course, the hiring party pursues his goal, by all means try to knock the candidate selected position, to make lose control of yourself, discover the true face. It is difficult to judge whether such a procedure is justified. In cases where the interviewer is interested in methods of stress too & # 8209; interview and goes too far in his psychological experiments, it can go rather to the detriment of the company. But within reasonable limits such testing is justified: the newcomer will have to deal with different situations, to grow roots in the team, to get used to the management, therefore, it is necessary to check whether it is ready for difficulties.


The simplest and most common way to test the so-called stress tolerance of the candidate – is to make him wait. We pulled into the modern pace of life: fast service in stores, the rapid movement of vehicles, flashing images on television, on the Internet to find instant answers to all questions – so any delay becomes annoying. We have lost the habit of queuing and waiting. And if every sentence of the applicant interrupted by a phone call if he is asked to wait for 15 minutes and leave for half an hour, if the interviewer comes out, citing urgent business, and in the next room itself is meaningless conversation, then sooner or later the subject may withdraw from the himself, especially when he had other things planned or scheduled another interview.

The only chance to pass the test – to stock up on time and patience. Should notify loved ones to divert calls on mobile, not to appoint other meetings on that day. For the sake of job really interested should show restraint. If the question of whether the candidate can wait a little longer, he replied with a smile: “Yes, of course”, it will characterize it positively. All a pleasure to deal with someone friendly and quiet.


In order to bring people out of balance and cause to talk about themselves a little more than he intended, and used provocative questions, the pressure, the unexpected sharpness or even rudeness. For example, the applicant asked the question about why he left from previous jobs. Candidate calls the cause, but the interviewer did not believe. “Who are you trying to fool, everyone knows that just will not go away, probably because at fault somewhere?” Or worse, “I made inquiries, you just got fired because I was tired from your mistakes and shortcomings!”

Firstly, personnel officers expects that people will break, that is, begin to confess all sins. And secondly, waiting, he’s just angry. Of course, in both cases, the spot will be denied. Consequently, the problem of the candidate – to show calm. After all, if there really was negative information, it is unlikely to be invited for an interview. But do not show excessive self-confidence and to express these thoughts aloud. Better to just say, “Perhaps there was a mistake, because mistakes I did not have my work and have always been happy.” The main thing – do not get out of yourself and do not begin to be rude in return. However, it is not necessary and justified. If the person really made inquiries and found in previous work defects or complex ambiguous situations, the applicant should try to calmly explain his version of events. But should behave with dignity, without emotion: it always makes a good impression. You can not give in to provocations.


In addition to the field and the pressure and the interviewer may show unexpected softness, use the techniques like playing good cop, bad cop. Tense and anxious applicant, tortured tests and checks for resistance to stress, comes in for an interview and sees a common man who offers him tea and wondered how he got it easy to find the office. In general, behave friendly. During the call, he shares with the candidate some personal experiences, and perhaps secrets. As a result, as the price of honesty test, he did not want to, begins to talk about themselves that originally was not going to. Or just too open about their life priorities, interests, hobbies. And as a result of this conversation, the interviewer sometimes comes to the conclusion that the work came to get people not really interested in it.

Sometimes to such manner of conducting interviews resort next immediate supervisor candidate. At the beginning of the conversation, he makes it clear that the position, as they say, is in the pocket of the applicant, and a lively interest in its future plans. If the chief will see a man ambitious and customized career growth, you may fear that he is aiming to take his place. Recommend competitor personnel office he will not, citing a lack of professionalism.

So do not trust too soft and goodwill and to move away from the professional. Do not need to say a lot especially about his family, health or hobbies. Sharing his plans for the future, we should think, not whether they go against the interests of the employee with whom they are currently discussing. Unfortunately, excessive zeal and diligence can also do a disservice.


Often the applicant, inspired by the interests of employers in his own person, misses the moment when it is necessary to translate the conversation on the direct duties. Indeed, if the interviewer asked a lot of questions, and sometimes tricky and complex, and the candidate was able to answer them, and how he sees the representative HR was satisfied, then inevitably relaxes and believes that withstood the test. Such euphoria is understandable: a job seeker, worries whether he is suitable for the post, trying to please, impress. If the interview is successful, it seeks to complete it as soon as possible, so as not to spoil the view itself. But actually finished only the first stage of negotiations.

Jobseeker’s very important to make it clear to potential employers that he knows his own worth and wants to get full information about the future of the workplace. But asking questions should also be wisely: this part of the conversation – a good chance to demonstrate their awareness of the interviewer as to what the company does, as well as show a pro. Therefore, it is desirable to prepare in advance: try to learn as much as possible about the organization – its history, structure, activities and so on. To get started is to ask about any details of the operation of the enterprise, using the following structure: “I know that … but I would like to clarify … “It is advisable not to ask tricky or very very stupid and pointless questions. Next you need to specify all that relates to the alleged duties. There is an opportunity to highlight the level of their professional knowledge. And then be sure to learn about salary, benefits package design conditions, the duration of the probationary period, and so on. N. Thus, the candidate shows that he appreciates himself as a specialist.

Interview – to some extent lottery. Against an employee who holds it, it may be biased completely beyond the control of the applicant reasons. Or, conversely, the interviewer suddenly seem that the candidate something like his old friend, and he imbued to the test sympathy and trust. But there is a pattern. An applicant for a position communicates with a company representative who knows it from the inside, so for some nuances he will be able to see whether the person will join the team or not. But sometimes it is difficult to be an interview, behave naturally, showing the best hand. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the behavioral patterns that are considered acceptable in the business world: confidence without insolence or familiarity, calmness and patience, politeness without flattery. Having developed these qualities, the applicant is not only easily pass the interview and get the desired job, but also stand the test period, establish a good relationship with colleagues and management and will be able to easily move up the career ladder.

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