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Effective mini resume

Effective mini resume
Effective mini resume
Probably, each applicant concerned about – and what a way to find work is the most effective? This question is no single answer – much depends on the individual situation of the candidate, his specialty and skills. If you have a clear goal – to find a new job that would suit you – Use the maximum number of ways. But, nevertheless, there is one very effective way, for which we as a specialized magazine for job seekers and employers can vouch.

This publication SUMMARY various options in the newspaper: a mini resume , photo, resume deployed razyume.

Writing MINI SUMMARY – it is responsible. On how competently it is made, it depends on the quality of proposals employers. For the convenience of candidates published in the newspaper coupon structure which helps to indicate in the mini-summary of all relevant information.

Here are some practical tips on what and how to write in a mini-summary:

Position. First of all, you need to clearly define, on what kind of position you are applying for. In one ad, you can specify and 2, but they must be from the same areas, such as: assistant manager, secretary. It is not necessary to write something like: a manager, a hairdresser. In this case, you come across as frivolous and unreliable person, who has not yet decided on the choice of profession.

Education. If you are looking for jobs in their field, be sure to specify the institution that you are finished. If you have a non-core education, limit reduction: w / or medium. spec. Students usually do not want to admit that they are still learning. And in vain, it still will be known during the interview. We recommend not to write “n / c” (incomplete higher education), but simply and tastefully write, for example, “stud. Moscow State University, ehkon. Faculty “. And the last point: an abbreviation of your school is not always appropriate in a mini-resume, because today many new universities. Of course, this does not apply to such institutions as the MGIMO, Moscow State University, the University and etc.

Experience and complement itelnaya information. These items usually cause the most trouble. We will tell you how you can solve the problems that arise in the course of their completion. If you have experience, it is worth pointing whole experience (and, it does not necessarily coincide with the record in the workbook: it is no secret that this is not the only proof of professionalism). If you experience at least a year, it is better to formulate it this way: “have experience.” If your working career has dozens of posts from the various spheres of activity, it is not necessary to specify all. Limit those that are directly related to the declared positions. An important point – the additional information that is skills. At this point, try not to use the hackneyed words like “accounting” and write more – “drawing up financial statements, reports, sales, warehouse, foreign exchange operations”, etc. Do not forget about the computer – not just a “PC-user” and, for example, “PC user (Sail, 1C, Microsoft Office, etc.)

Age. In the West, in the Search for jobs or staff recruitment age is not specified – it is deemed to be discrimination. It so happened that in our country indicate the age accepted. But not necessarily. The question you must decide for yourself. The newspaper “Work Today” indicate the age of about 80% of people who publish your mini-resume. In any case, remember that employers are interested in closing a particular job, take on the work of a man who meets their requirements. And most likely, will not age to play a crucial role in this.

Salary. Pre sure to find out the average figure salary in your field. This can help you analyzes of the newspaper “Work today,” published under the headings “Title”, “labor market” and others. In our experience, it is best to specify the lower bar of wages, ie .: “s / n on. .. “or” s / n, at least … “Relying on the top bar, you risk losing a lot of interesting and promising proposals. Obviously inflated figures repel potential employers, and published in the newspaper, will bring you more harm than good.

Coordinates for communication. Employers – busy people. It should take into account when you fill a coupon mini resume. If you work somewhere and are not available during normal business hours, be sure to specify the time when you need to call, for example, “after 19:00.” Do not trust the crucial moment of telephone conversations with the employer to their relatives – it is perceived as a sign of immaturity. The best option – to specify not only a home phone, but a mobile phone for quick communication.

Standby. Specialists’ work today, “recommends the following best publication schedule a mini-summary in the newspaper. It is best if you put your ads on 2-3 numbers in a row, and then do 1-2-week break. Then, if the offer from the employers you something was not satisfied, the procedure can be repeated.

How much time can take a job if you use the publication of the summary in the newspaper? Much depends on your skill level, the position for which you are applying. It should prepare for the fact that after a telephone conversation, during which the parties clarify points regarding the position, salary, job, you will be invited for an interview, the outcome of which is already dependent on you. If the employer and the applicant satisfied with each other, it is already at the interview, you can count on a proposal to start work next week. If something did not work the first time – do not despair, because your mini will resume next Monday. So, again, a solid audience of recruiters are used to this newspaper “Work today,” I recognize that you are interested in a new job.

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