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How and what to say during the interview?

How and what to say during the interview?
How and what to say during the interview?

How to behave at the interview?

  • The interview usually starts with more specific questions about your training or a description of the vacant position and the organization as a whole. Listen carefully. Follow the direction of conversation that asks the interviewer. You should strive to report everything that speaks in your favor. However, if you are fully focus on what you want to say, you risk to miss something that will tell you. Try to ease into the conversation to insert whatever they wanted to say.
  • Your answers to questions must be direct, that is, to respond directly to the question; and accurate, that is not to go beyond the topic. This, however, does not mean that you should speak only yes and no .
    There are answers that are repeated a million times, for example: I like working with people . Even if this is true, try to avoid cliches. For example, tell us about your way of working with clients. The lack of stamps and banality makes a favorable impression.
  • At the same time, answering the question, you can put the right information. For example, if you are asked, what were your duties in the department of advertising, you can not just talk briefly about them, but also to add that within 6 months of your work newspaper advertising to become effective by 25%. It will be a substantive response, and no one thinks like addition inappropriate.
  • During the interview, constantly correlate your professional experience or education with the actual duties of the position for which you apply.
  • Talking about your past negative experiences, arguments explain the reasons for which you resigned or were dismissed, without revealing their grievances. If you want to prove themselves mature man, stated the position of the other side.
  • Tell the truth. Firstly, most likely, your excitement and hesitation will be visible and sow doubt. Each inaccuracy will inevitably deepen the doubts arisen and cause further questions that you will link more and more deeply. Second, you risk to be in a very unpleasant situation, if a second interview forget that spoke first. Third, and if you can convince someone now, then when you take a job, you will have to demonstrate what you’re saying. Even if you do not ulichat, you will constantly be afraid of being exposed.

What are your questions?

This question can be asked at the beginning, and only pre-training will help orientation. Tell us a little about yourself. (What are your duties at this job?). The compressed two-minute answer, you can talk about your education and work experience, simultaneously trying to prove that you are an excellent candidate for the available position.

Why did you choose this job (company formation)?

Give serious reasons: growth opportunities, valuable experience, etc.

Have you received other job offers?

If received, quite frankly about this: this will increase your chances. Of course, it should be added that the work you are interested in more.

Have you interviewing elsewhere?

As a rule, you can answer yes, but did not specify where.

It will not hurt if your personal life is work-related travels and irregular working hours?

This question is often asked women. The law prohibits an employer interested in, does marital status of applicants for the job. In an attempt to circumvent the law firm answer is no.

What are your strengths?

Pocherkivayte first quality, useful for this work. Confirm the availability of these as examples of your life in the years of study or work.

What are your weaknesses?

In no case do not answer this question honestly. It should be used to improve your chances. It is best to call a disadvantage, which would be a logical extension of your best qualities.

Why do you want this particular job? Why should we hire you?

The answer to this question should be ready Zara it. You are expected to confirm that you are aware of the company’s affairs. Lack of knowledge about the company and the sector is one of the main reasons for refusal to work.

How do you see your position in five (ten) years?

Better answer vaguely, for example, I would like to work in the same organization, but a more important work.

On what salary you want?

It is better to try to evade the question, saying that you do not think that the salary should be discussed first. If the interviewer insists nevertheless try to find out from him how the firm assumes offer. If you still have to call the number, name, or a bit higher than the average upper and lower limits of the expected amount.

What are your biggest achievements?

Make a list of your greatest achievements over the past 5 years. Where possible, please give figures to estimate the measure of your success.

How, in your opinion, should be the chief?

In fact, you want to find out if you are prone to conflicts with his superiors. The ideal answer would be: competent, strong leader, which I could learn, which will give me a chance to test their own strength, will I instruct, and if necessary, ask thrashing .

Some additional questions that you can ask at the interview:

    • As usual, to pass your time?
    • How do you determine the priority of their cases?
    • What do you like about your job more, and that the least?
    • What are the problems you have to solve on your work?
    • You usually agree to or dispute, and why?
    • What you would be interested to try your hand?
    • If you are given a choice, would you prefer to make plans and implement them?
    • Name 3 situations in which you do not succeed. Why is that?
    • 3 Name the features of his character, who you want to fix. Why is that?
    • Why did you cut (dismissed)?
    • What were you agree and do not agree with what your previous boss?
    • How do you evaluate your work?
    • Do you agree with the assessment were?
    • Why are you interested in getting this post?
    • As this post is related to your career expectations?
    • What benefits could you bring us?

At the conclusion of the meeting again briefly the rationale for his candidacy and thank conducting interviews for their attention to you.

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