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How to behave at the Interview

How to behave at an interview
How to behave at an interview
What is important for you to interview job agency or company? Of course, like the recruiter or HR manager. To achieve this the candidates are trying different ways. But not all of them help to get the desired result. Some of your existing practices in reserve can work with precision “to the contrary.”

Do not exert pressure on the pity

There are applicants who are trying to soften the interviewer to get a job. At the interview they begin to talk about their difficult financial situation, family troubles, health problems and other misfortunes befell them. “Well, take me at least someone!” – Almost begs a candidate of his interlocutor. But, most of all, this tactic to anything good will not. And it is not because you are sitting in front of a completely heartless formalist who does not want to come into your position. To regret something you have, it can, and regret, but the work you still do not get it. The fact that employers need successful, confident professionals, not whiners, losers. “If this man and his problem is not able to solve, then certainly with the production, he just can not cope” – about to come to this conclusion, many leaders after meeting with the applicant, who tried during the interview, “to put pressure on the pity.” It is clear that the invitation to the second meeting in their company a candidate receives.

Not “talked” interlocutor

Some candidates at the interview literally talk incessantly. Including on topics far removed from their future work: the weather, the last vacation, politics and so on. For some, it’s just the usual demeanor, for others – a way to cope with stress and to demonstrate their sociability. But even so, and others should be for their own sake hold back his tongue.

– When I meet a talkative candidate – says Sergey Somin, the HR manager of one of Moscow enterprises – I immediately thought there: the verbal flow of his emotion or human nature is so disorganized? Maybe he and the workplace will divert all their chatter? I like a professional at all wary of those who are inclined to talk much off topic. Such people often combine to make – just talk.

Do not allow familiarity

Sometimes, trying to emphasize their professionalism, competitor “crushes” on their knowledge of the interviewer tries to lead, too familiar with the manager. Very often this happens when the candidate over his companion. But this is, and what the interviewer is really not good at your profession, not a reason not to comply with the “rules of the game”, adopted at the interview. What do you think your “cool” deeply impress the manager, and he is willing to throw open its arms to meet you? Not at all! Rather, you find it arrogant type who can not communicate, can not get on the team. This conclusion is clearly not improve your chances to take the vacant seat.

Do not scold the old company

Another often enough (and it is in vain!) Used a method like the candidates at the interview – previous criticism of the company and its leadership in particular. Thus, the applicant is trying to assert themselves at the expense of others: the type, they are so-sos, and I – all in white, they do not know what they do, and I notices a per their mistake. Keep in mind that like angry accusations you just give the employer a reason to suspect you of the fact that his company, you too can be wrong. Suddenly, after a while you and will blame all the deadly sins, describing in paints during the interview in the following companies that he was doing wrong? It is unlikely that someone will please the leaders of such a prospect.

By the way, praising the former chief of the interview is also not recommended. Thus, you would like your boss impose new standard suitable leader. It is unlikely that your boss is willing to comply with it. He certainly believes that he and his company – a unique phenomenon, by definition, so they simply can not be with anyone and with nothing to compare.

But how?

nterviewing job agency or company is more likely to take place successfully, if you will:

adhere to the official friendly tone of conversation;

to answer questions directly, clearly and briefly, and most importantly – a pre-think of the answer;

exercise special restraint, if the topic of conversation is not specific to any duties. This conversation can be supported, but on their own to develop the theme, away from work, not worth it.

After the end of the interview thank the interviewer for taking your time. In any case, you spent it with advantage: even if to get a job for some reason this time did not work, the next interview you will surely come in handy existing experience meet and communicate with the employer or recruiter.

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