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How to pass Interview ??

How to pass Interview
How to pass Interview
Ideally, the meeting of the applicant and the employer – a mutual acquaintance and discussion of possible prospects for further business cooperation. But this is only an ideal. The most common case of “spoiling” the applicants themselves: how to perceive the interview exam, afraid to take the initiative in their hands, ask questions on working conditions, pay and prospects. And instead of discussing general laid-back, in fact, interest turns unproductive questioning. On the other hand, employers are also not averse to “add fuel to the fire” – a candidate for the position to confuse what some special inspections and tricky questions. What can be expected of the applicant during the interview? What should prepare not to be caught off guard?

Let’s talk Friendly

In principle, the majority of employers and recruiters believe that the most productive form of acquaintance with the candidate – a simple conversation in a friendly tone. The information thus obtained is sufficient to assess both business and personal qualities of the applicant. So if you feel that you are no special tests are not waiting for you, relax and includes a talk on equal terms. However, it is to prepare in advance. Firstly, to formulate answers to the most common questions:

  • Tell us about yourself and svoemopyte;
  • Why are you looking for a new job. The reasons for dismissal from previous jobs;
  • What do you like / dislike about your work;
  • What are your strengths / weaknesses;
  • What mistakes do you allow a professional;
  • Who do you see yourself in 5 years; etc.

Secondly, you need to think carefully about the questions the interviewer. This is important: on the one hand, you have to specify all possible conditions and nuances of the work: the schedule, responsibilities, method of payment, personal perspectives and prospects of the company, etc. On the other hand, you thus will demonstrate its interest, activity and confidence in the labor market. In general, you must show that you know his worth as a professional, and not to act scared or miserable asylum applicants.

Professional Testing

Of course, on the qualifications of the candidate clearly demonstrates experience and the name of the companies in which he worked. But if an employer wants to visually check your professionalism, there is nothing to worry about. The main thing – the ability to tune in to the pre-test. If you are really an expert in your field – you are not afraid of any test. Take to implement it as a normal operation, try not to worry – and everything will be okay.

Tests to assess abilities and personal qualities

There are personnel officers, particularly keen similar studies. In fact, the objective need for such tests appears not too often. But if you are asked to take a test to determine the level of intelligence (IQ), attention, memory, or the assessment of personality type and characteristics of behavior – do not panic. Answer questions honestly, do not try to “trick” the test – is unlikely to be of benefit. And do not be afraid to ask questions of the interviewer! Many experts sin that is considered usual for a thing without a clear explanation and all others. So do not hesitate to point out that you are not a professional psychologist, and for this reason would like to clarify that during the test you offer, for what purpose, what to look for when filling and when it will be possible to know the results.

To avoid unnecessary worry, it’s easy to get acquainted with the most common self-tests: in the literature, which can be purchased in bookstores or on the Internet. The most common tests used personnel officers J. Eysenck, Cattell – “16 personality factors», MMPI. Some like to use projective techniques: asked to draw an animal or non-existent building, enter the phrase in the dialogue, etc.

If the test is an objective sense, for example, to find out what the status of the individual possesses contender for the chief guard, CFO, etc., it is unlikely to be upset because of poor test results. It is possible that you, with your character traits, do something does not come to this place. Maybe the employer is looking for a man who developed powers of observation and attention to all 150%, and a few you do not reach the desired level. Well, the owner – a gentleman. Not all firms are so picky, find another employer to whom you with their experience and skills is fine.

Well, if the application of the test due more hobbies personnel officer, not the objective requirements of the job, or if test results are questionable, it says, rather, not about your shortcomings and incompetence of the interviewer. It would be desirable if you work in a company where permitted such a thing? So if you do not pass the test, do not particularly upset.

“Interrogations and torture”

Rarely, but there are companies that use the selection of candidates for the job, or aggressive methods of stress interview. In theory, the applicant may face everything: the likeness of the cross-examination, a tactless and even insolent questions, etc. How to respond to such? The answer is simple – easy as possible – with humor. You do not have to show fear, confusion, irritation. You can answer the interviewer in his own way, another question or emphasize tactfully.

For example, the question “Are you satisfied with your sex life?” Possible answers: “It is related to official duties?” Or “Do you think tactful to ask such questions?”. In fact, if you hit a stressful interview, you have two options. If you really want to get a job in the company, to maintain composure and take the “rules of the game.” Well, if such a manner of selection of candidates is in your soul it is a righteous anger, say goodbye to the cute buddies and tell them that you probably will not do offer their company.

In several stages

The number of interviews which have to go through, can vary. This, too, must be mentally prepared. Somewhere, an employer is limited to one single meeting – with the immediate supervisor. Another company you may well expect a whole series of interviews – with a representative of the personnel department, the future boss, the director, with the security service. If a job is published recruitment agency, then the first step would be a meeting with a recruiter. Keep in mind that each of these conversations in their own way is important, and you can “reject” at any stage. So to each of them prepare responsibly, be polite and do not forget that the interview – dialogue of equal sides are mutually interested in cooperation.

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