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How to prepare for an interview, and how to pass an interview

How to prepare for an interview www.besteverjobs.com
How to prepare for an interview www.besteverjobs.com
Here are some of the most important recommendations:

Preparing for an interview, it is important to conduct a preliminary investigation. It is necessary to gather as much information about the company where you are going for an interview, and the people with whom you will meet.

Useful information can be obtained in different ways. If it is a large enterprise, get to know its products or services. Many organizations distribute their leaflets and brochures. Try to find articles in newspapers or magazines about the organization.

You can talk with the person works or has worked in the organization. From it you can learn a lot of useful things, but it should take into account the subjective coloring of such stories. Perhaps some of your questions can answer a consultant agency to which you have applied.

What you need to know about the organization to which you go to the interview:

– What products or services does the organization have?
– Where and to whom sold products and services?
– How old is the organization exists?
– How much has changed objectives of the organization since its existence?
– Stable if the leadership or change it often?
– What is the legal status of the organization ?
– Were the takeover company by other companies?
– Has the organization a profit in the past year? Over the past three years?
– Has there been downsizing for the last three years? Why?
– Is the organization in some larger units?
– How much of attention to the organization of the press? Why?
– What are the responses of the press about the organization?
– What is the attitude to employees in your organization?
– What new projects are being developed in the organization?
– Based whether within a country or organization has offices or partners abroad?
– What are the prospects for the industry, which belongs to the organization?

Some tips

  • Before the interview, consider how you are dressed. The appearance and demeanor are very important and practically determining a first impression. If you go for an interview at a financial institution, select conservative business dress code. If you are going for an interview in construction company or design firm can afford to dress in a more free style. You can try to find out in advance whether the company adopted a business or a freer style of dress, but in any case, an interview is better to dress more formally. If coming to work in jeans is considered in the company in the order of things, you can afford it, when you start to work, but in an interview in a sweater and jeans come not. In any case, you should look neat and tidy. In women, the choice is much wider but the more errors they may make in this case. A woman is better to wear a formal suit for a job interview or a conservative dress, without going to extremes when choosing the length of skirts, colors and decorations. Do not use sharp perfume or cologne. In advance, make sure you know how to get to the building of the company and where to park the car. Get out of the house in advance.
  • Come 15 minutes before the appointed time. This way you will show that you respect the interviewer and appreciate his time. If you are still going to be late, try to call back and warn about the delay.
  • Remember that when choosing from several candidates with the same qualifications, a crucial role to play your ability to make a good impression during a job interview.
  • A good night’s sleep the night before you go to the interview. Sleepy people never make a good impression. Try to go to bed at the usual time, not earlier or later.
  • Do not drink a lot of fluids. You can not find a toilet in an unfamiliar organization and will feel unwell during the interview.
  • If you have someone present, make every effort to properly hear and remember the person’s name. If you’ll be able to turn to the other party by name, it will make a favorable impression. Peresprashivaniya also detects excessive nervousness.
  • It is important to find out the length of the interview and to adhere to the stipulated time. This will help to distribute the time between questions and answers, determine the extent of the detailed answer.
  • Be polite and friendly to everyone you meet at the office. Do not forget to smile, entering the office of the interviewer. Do not forget how important sign language. Of equal importance is your handshake: the hand should be dry and warm; handshake should be confident, but not too strong. Watch your posture, try to make eye contact. Do not drive, but nothing extreme.
  • Do not forget to bring to the interview as many of the documents confirming your qualifications, education and additional knowledge
  • If you are offered to fill in any form, it is better to take them with you and return as soon as possible. Working with them at home, work out in the draft. Remember that everything has a meaning: and literacy, and blots, and handwriting, and clarity of the language.
  • Do not forget, ending the conversation, agree on when and how you will learn about the results and thank the interviewer.

A few rules:

      Welcoming the representatives of the company did not shake hands first.
      Do not sit until you do not offer.
      Listen carefully. Follow the direction of conversation that asks the interviewer.
      Before answering the question, try to understand why he asked, in response to stress their strengths and to talk about should not be.
      In the discussion of previous jobs do not criticize your former boss and colleagues.
      Do not start discussing your personal or financial problems, if you are this is not specifically asked.
      Can you name a salary that you will be satisfied, but not before you ask about this.
      Concluding the interview, thank the interlocutor for attention

Possible reasons for the refusal to employ:

– Being late for an interview.
– Sluggish handshake.
– pathetic appearance, sloppiness.
– Unwillingness to face the interviewer.
– Inability to communicate: a weak voice, poor diction, illiterate speech.
– Manners know-all.
– Lack of interest and enthusiasm.
– Lack of alertness.
– The lack of balance.
– The lack of sincerity.
– vague answers to questions evasiveness.
– Lack of ability to orient oneself in society.
– Indecision, lack of independence.
– The desire for self-justification, reference to the circumstances.
– The lack of clear goals and objectives.
– Lack of maturity.
– Lack tact.
– Lack of courtesy.
– cynicism.
– Lack of discipline.
– Unwillingness to learn.
– Intolerance.
– radical ideas.
– The inability to take criticism.
– parochialism.
– Negative comments about previous employers.
– Excessive material interest.
– The unwillingness to start from the bottom: waiting too much and too fast.
– Inability to participate in the affairs apart due to the chart.
– No questions about the work to the interviewer.
– Unsuccessful family life.

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