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How to prepare for an interview?

How to prepare for an interview
How to prepare for an interview
How do you prepare for a job interview with a potential employer? When you ask about that job seekers often have to wonder what they tell us. It would seem that everything is clear: you need to consider your answers to all possible questions and prepare a story about yourself, stock up on information about the company, the employer … In practice, however, many are preparing for the interview are only partially or not at all care about the preparation (except for appearance) I am hoping for itself, but rather on the traditional “maybe”. And it turns out I must say, it is a natural result – failure. But things could be different …

I go there, I do not know where

Olga chose the job very meticulously: the work was interesting, decent wages, to closer to home … As a rule, employers are asked to send a CV by e-mail that Olga did. Usually it is sent 4-5 resume a day and 2-3 received an invitation to the interview. One day she called and, not having presented, offered to drive to the interview. Olga recorded dictated the address and time, without bothering to ask the name of the company. Actually, she was convinced that the answer to the one of the sent job, especially because not all employers are advertisements mentioned its name.

– Well, it is their right – do not want to “shine”, care about is that nobody guessed that they select employees.

Olga was far from the truth. She got into a very well-known company. The name is really loud, but any actual information she had. Therefore, when the interviewer asked her: “What do you actually know about our company and how you can be helpful to us?” – I did not know what to answer. And while everything else in the conversation was quite normal to work Olga has not invited.

Our comment: Oddly enough, many applicants were invited for an interview, sometimes do not bother to find out where they were, in fact, was called. Meanwhile, it is very important information. How can you not know where to go? Firstly, this attitude is simply not serious. It is necessary all the same to value yourself, your time and effort. In addition, there is a chance you will not find the right company, or worse, to get to the fraudsters. Second, the applicant must possess at least a minimum of information about the employer, especially if it is known in the market: what are the main areas of activity, prospects, plans? Answers to these and many other questions can be easily found on the Internet. If you take care to obtain information about your potential employer, you do not have to interview blush and pale, not knowing what to answer the question that troubled Olga.

Questions simple and complex

Ilya first time looking for a job on their own. Before that was arranged by friends. So this interview, the young man has not “sniffing”, but generally felt quite confident: after all, the experience is already available. But the interview started for Jobseekers somehow suddenly.

“Tell me more about yourself” – he asked the interviewer.

Ilya felt stuck. What is it telling? After all, with regard to the work described in the summary, and the employer with the information already familiar. Repeat? Or talk in detail: born, studied … Or refine? Applicant stopped on the last version, but it does not help much, because he said:

– Tell us about how they themselves think is important and significant.

And then the young man decided, and told about the research paper, how he met at the institute with his future wife, to move and repair, and very little – about the work, which went to the last two years. In general, the story has found a lively response from kadrovichki. However, the applicant did not call back …

Our comment: Each applicant must learn a simple truth: we must prepare for the interview. To begin to read some articles in our newspaper or on the Internet. From these sources, you can easily find out what issues most often like to ask job seekers personnel officers. And, frankly, to answer them without training can only very resourceful people. “Tell me about yourself” – is not the worst. By the way, the majority of HR begin the interview that way. And the applicant must still prepare at home, and better say your answer to include the most important thing – that refers to the work that emphasizes your serious and concerned attitude to it, your experience and ability to make quick decisions …

In addition to the “standard” issues of employers include:

  • – Why are you looking for a new job?
  • – Reasons for dismissal from previous jobs?
  • – What do you like / dislike about your job / profession?
  • – What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • – What are the mistakes you made last job?
  • – What are your professional achievements?
  • – Why do we have to take it to the position you?
  • – Who do you see yourself in 5/10 years?

Responding to questions, do not forget that it is unacceptable to respond negatively about past employers, indifferently to talk about work, etc. Do focus on the positive aspects, shortcomings and mistakes should not be “outrageous”, your task – to show how you deal with them successfully. Do not invent arcane answers, but not limited to banal. So, get ready, and do not let the interview to chance.

Silence – not gold

Ivan was about the fifth interview. Previous employers he did not even call back. Young man puzzled, trying to understand the reason for this lack of attention to his person. According to him, the interview went quite exemplary, and the reasons for the refusal was not. He came to the proposed job perfectly, he clearly describes his experience, listening to all the conditions agreed with everything …

And fifth interview was coming to an end.

  • – Please, ask your questions for future work, – proposed personnel officer.
  • – I do not understand – the habit Ivan replied.
  • – In this case – good bye – we will call you back.

And then Ivan decided:

– Excuse me, but do you really call back? And then all the promises …

– You know, – personnel officer turned understanding person – I, frankly, have not yet made a decision, but I did not like your passivity: you briefly answered all my questions, and asked nothing in return. But there is something to ask, learn about the responsibilities, salary clarify – I have deliberately left out some points. And you – silence. If other companies the situation was similar to, it is quite possible that the reason for the refusal is that.

Our comment: In preparation for the interview, be sure to consider all the possible issues with your hand. When a candidate only kivaetgolovoy expressing his tacit understanding and agreement, it does not add points to his credit. Rather, he would be considered a disinterested in work, or someone who agree to anything just to have at least somewhere. And the leaders of these workers do not really favor, preferring people who value themselves.

Demand is always there as: detailed clarify job responsibilities, salary on probation and after, especially corporate culture – in principle, there are no trifles in employment, and better provide as much as possible. In fact, it really is in your best interest: what if any, minor at first glance, a condition, you do not do.

to be continue………………

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