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How to successfully pass an interview

how to successfully pass an interview
how to successfully pass an interview

You may not be looking for a job, you may happy man, as happy to hurry to work in the morning and in the evening – with joy home. Still, buying the latest issue of the newspaper, run through the eyes of large listings of jobs, trying them for yourself …

In our city more and more appears interesting offers from major companies, there are more good jobs … What to do if you are invited for an interview, how to be successful? For a start, experts advise to make every effort to learn more about the company. Well, if you can see on the Internet information about the company or the industry. All this can be more than useful. Very often, after the interviews taking place in our agency leaders choose exactly those candidates who actually prepare for interviews, collected and analyzed data, despite the fact that the experience they may be less than that of other applicants.

“How many times told the world” that meet on clothes. Although everyone knows that the appearance of the interview is very important, still come to interview men in tracksuits, girls with huge bags stuffed with ladies with shabby manicure. Before each interview me responsible for the thousandth time to remind candidates: appearance – office option.

Even if the company in which you are trying to get a job, accepted demokratichnyyvariant clothes, and the director goes to work in jeans, formal wear your stressed in the interview – a way to emphasize that this vacancy is very important for you, the opportunity to demonstrate their desire to work in the company.

On the appearance of the interview is written very much, I can only add that if you leave, and remember what you were wearing, no one can – you were dressed properly. It is necessary to pay attention to everything: shoes and clean, and fresh breath. Do not worry, all the flaws will be noted, and as will be sad that your professionalism and can not be evaluated because of yesterday’s mud on the shoes.

Punctuality – that the following important quality of the candidate. I myself have had this experience: we were looking for a Woman in Service Manager, there were several candidates with roughly equal experience and level of education. Each assigned a specific time for an interview.Oddly enough, the time has come, only one, that’s it – and then took a job … Particular attention is given to punctuality in Western companies. The interview may carry one person – the personnel manager or director, and possibly the participation of many representatives of the employer. For the duration of the interview can last from 15 minutes to several hours. Remember that estimated from the beginning – as included in the study, shy or confident, and maybe too casually. How to say hello, smile or frown. Managers should be obvious that you are tuned precisely to cooperate on joint issues.

The most anticipated questions – about previous jobs. Where he worked, why quit that liked that did not like the same place. Answer only if you are sure you have understood the question. It is always possible to clarify: “Did I understand correctly that …?” Usually the interview head prositrasskazat currently. Most likely, he had already read your resume, but it is very important for the interviewer to see how you communicate.

Perhaps the manager will ask you and not very pleasant questions – about his personal life, about the members of your family. Mistake made by those who refuse to answer these questions, or says, “It does not matter,” In every situation, these issues can be caused by different reasons. You should be prepared to answer them openly. Frankly, but not too detailed.

If you are asked to tell about your achievements, it is best to call the exact figures. The phrase “increased by about¬† 30-40%, ” says not in your favor. In short, “just say” bring more concrete examples ….

If you are interviewing a trading company as a sales representative, you can offer a business game. Often the manager asks the candidate: “Sell me a pen and sell a pack of cigarettes, etc …” Now this is quite a popular technique for interviews. When offered a business game, in any case should not be abandoned, the refusal may be regarded as an employer reluctance or inability to demonstrate their skills.

It is important to maintain eye contact interview. But this does not mean that you need to look at intently wrinkles on the face of the head, the measure is important in everything.

It is only natural that successfully pass the interview the people who know exactly what is and what they are doing and can explain his every deed. It’s surprising, but many job seekers can not clearly explain. why did it was at this school. Why at the end it went to work for this company? What liked. but that did not like the previous place of work ?. Why did you decide to change jobs now?

I always recommend candidates before the interview not only think about the answers to these questions, but the answers aloud and said not to stutter at the interview. This can help you spouse or friends.

Often an employer interested in waiting salary of the candidate. Please, think, and why so much? If you now get 3000 rubles, but states that are willing to consider offers from only 20,000, it can cause some confusion and thought that. may ambitions candidate on anything not based …

Try to be sincere in the interview, try to be yourself, it is justified.

That was not all too seriously, tell a professional anecdote. HR manager said in the interview the candidate: “Above all, our firm value cleanliness. Let’s say you have wiped their feet on the mat at the door? “” Oh yes, of course. “- Responsible candidate. “And in our company appreciate honesty – no mat is not there!”

Once you have answered the questions of the director or manager will be able to ask questions, and very good if you prepare them in advance. At the first interview, your questions should be limited to the production. The question to ask about the salary recommended only if you have already made an offer.

And remember – interview – this is not an exam. Yes, and you no longer a student, and the choice is still always yours.


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