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How to write a good resume ?! (What to write in the summary)

how to write a good resume
how to write a good resume

Today a written resume – a prerequisite examination of the candidate for admission to a serious, well-paying organization. Most of the candidates for the position is eliminated at the stage of consideration of the summary. That is why it is important to make it, avoiding common mistakes.


What personal data indicate?

Specify the full name, date of birth, address (including e-mail) and telephone numbers. Often overlooked point patronymic, or home address, or indicate which phone is working, and what the home, and at what time is much better to call. Good to add a little strict color photograph.

The text is often not lead the email address from which you sent an email with a resume. If a candidate claims to own a computer – it’s a mistake. Send resume is necessary only at the address that appears in the text of the summary.


In the section “Education”, specify where, when and how the school graduated, as well as (if recently graduated high school) have been evaluating – unless, of course, they are your “plus”. If you have had in high school now, or do science – provide scientific specialization, degree, academic rank.

Necessary to list all kinds of awards in various competitions, contests, conferences, including the school, the presence of “red” diplomas, etc. Write detailed quote faculty, department, specialization diploma topic. Specify the number of relevant diplomas and certificates. Do not forget also about the training courses and internships, even if they were one day old.


This is the most important and longest section of the summary, which by volume must exceed all together the other sections. If your work was of the nature of the project, list all your projects, lasting more than one month. If the work is not homogeneous, or the nature of the project , then highlight in your work some features and types of work (for example, work with certain major customer or supplier).

For each project, (especially) need to briefly and concisely:

  • period of time up to a month (about possible);
  • place of work;
  • name of the project (type of work, features);
  • a brief description of the project (type of work, especially) on the lines 1-2;
  • used tools (eg, computer programs, the specific technologies that may be of interest to the employer);
  • Your role in the work carried out.

For example, if you – programmer, in the last paragraph, you must specify what exactly did you do besides programming – for example, staging, development of the database structure, documentation, testing, implementation and maintenance, etc.

If you – operator in the bank, you must specify which clients to work (especially if you have large clients) and how many clients; What accounts (ruble, currency, deposits of the population); a program such as “bank business day” use, etc.

If you Web-designer – do not forget to provide a link to your work done.

In your best interest to make the list as long as possible. The more experience – the more chances to get a job. Do not neglect mentioning Student research papers, all sorts of odd jobs, etc. All this – big projects, whether small – one way or another is your real experience that will certainly need to be reflected in the track list.

Enumerate work (projects) and employers need in reverse chronological order, ie, latest work must be written first, the penultimate – the second, etc.

When a section describing the experience is omitted, it is impossible to determine the quality of the candidate and a summary inevitably lose in comparison with others.

Do I need to specify the desired level of pay?

It depends on the circumstances. Generally speaking, any talk about salary until the end of the interview usually puts the employer in a difficult position. After all, he does not yet know your possibilities, did not appreciate how much you “stand” in his scale of values ​​and opportunities, and therefore can not respond in advance whether he is ready to give you the desired salary.

Therefore, if you do decided to indicate specific numbers, then select only the desired minimum level at which you disagree, and be sure to mention that it is minimal. Write better truth. If you give too high a minimum wage, no one dares to mess with you. If you will be offered the requested minimum, you can always say that this figure is the minimum, and the work ahead is difficult, responsible, and it costs a lot more.

Do you need personal details?

It should be as detailed as possible to present the facts and the least productive biographies – personal. This will show that your life is more focused on work rather than leisure. It is not necessary to present detailed curriculum vitae, details related to your childhood, or the history of your marriage. It is not necessary to indicate the presence of a driving license if you have to work in the office.

If you are so important to own a car, caravan, three children, fishing, etc., That you dare tell it to resume production, the employer will think that you – not a business. After all, he would have to let go of you during working hours on inspection or repair of the car, get a job to schedule your event or tour.

At the end of the resume is sufficient to list 2-3 of their hobbies. Better to specify active hobbies (eg, sports, hiking, dancing) than domestic (cottage, fishing, hunting).

Is it good to resume as a single table?

Widespread mistake – registration resume as a single multipage table faceless questionnaires consisting of some assessments of the candidate, which he exhibited himself.

The main drawback of this solution is that the profiles are usually taken from the Internet site of any particular organization, which has – its own characteristics and specific requirements for the candidate.

For example, many programmers use when sending resume form JV IBA, paying no attention to the fact that it is generally not a summary form and is used to generate computer filing specialists. Most of the items of the questionnaire relates to the knowledge of specific software products at IBM. This is required for admission to the IBA, which is the main customer of IBM. For other organizations specified programming knowledge and skills often are useless, but require completely different, which in this application is not.

When substituting summary table is impossible to evaluate the professional and human potential candidate. Only the free form and the presence of a track record allow us to estimate individual and practical skills and to separate them from the formal self-evaluation.

If the employer has the requirements for registration summary, strictly follow them. If the site has only a table, then attach to it and resume normal that will greatly enhance your chances of being hired.


In what form to send a resume?

Worthy candidate send resume by email with a short covering note and the investment in the form of RTF-file or DOC-file name as his own name.

The fact that the manager after reading usually involves placing a file with the resume on your computer, usually under the name of the candidate. So do not send a file with the names RESUME.RTF or RESUME.DOC – because the file will necessarily have to rename.

This is only for you this file – perhaps the only job, but for the manager – one of dozens or hundreds. Very few candidates guess managers save time and name the file with a summary of his own name, which indicates the Human Factors and advance a manager yourself.

You should not send a resume in Microsoft Excel – not all use it. Besides, as already mentioned, the table including e – not the best presentation resumes. I had to get a summary table, the width of the doubly goes beyond the screen, making it almost unreadable. What they think a candidate, what counted?

At the same time, the absence of any format can hinder readability resume in Microsoft Word format so few rather than, for example, plain text (txt or plain-text), which is rarely the candidate fails to issue such a way that it is easily perceived and looked good. With this Word is easier to achieve.

Do I need to back up a resume?

Firstly, the optimal size of the file CV with photo – 100-150K. So do not make a file with a summary of more than 200-250Kbayt. It is not necessary to include in the summary of great photos or bulky design elements – because of their larger file size.

Secondly, it should not be archived, forcing the manager to spend precious time to decompress. Do not force the employer to wait or do extra effort! Especially, the manager may not unzip your file archiver if use other than you.

How to choose a font?

Well, when the resume easy to read. Bad effect on the perception of conglomeration of various design elements, a variety of fonts. Write in Arial a size not less than 10, which is easily perceived by the eye and are usually installed on any computer. It is not necessary to use too small fonts, for managers – often people with the best vision. Do not use other, less common fonts, because they may not be on the computer manager.

What to write in a cover letter?

Write something like: “Dear Director! (Options: head of the studio, Head. Department of programming, foreman, bank manager, head of personnel, etc.) I am looking for a job (position) is such and such. Resume attached. Sincerely, John Doe. ”

It should certainly indicate on what job or position you are applying for – from your resume it may be unclear. Do not write unnecessary words such as “Here, accidentally wandered into the site, I saw that you need staff, and decided to send my resume.”

About Literacy

Of course, for many works one hundred percent literacy is required. Experience shows that the grammar and speech errors weakly associated with the business and strong-willed as a candidate – practical skills, hard work, dedication, organizational vein, the ability to achieve results.

But errors are often indicative of the level of training as a specialist candidate – his erudition, the theoretical training, logical and algorithmic skills, ability to clearly and coherently express their thoughts.

In any case, grammar and speech errors have never contributed to a good perception of the text and to improve the quality resume. Ask a friend philologists read your resume before you decide to send it.

The same applies to resume in a foreign language. In any case, do not use automatic translation software! They are still working so poorly that are unsuitable for anything serious. The result will laughter and misunderstandings, and resume deem hack and unsubscribing.

Do I need to submit a summary in a foreign language?

A common mistake – the direction in Russian business summary only foreign (usually English). Firstly, not all speak English well. Second, the English summary does not mean that you know English – because translation could easily make someone else.

If knowledge of the language can be a plus, it is better to show this at the interview, and a record in the description of any work indicate that, for example, was the experience of correspondence with a foreign partner, or had to develop documents in a foreign language for a foreign partner. If this was not, you can simply specify that “the German – 7 years in school, 5 in high school, final grade in high school – 5”. It’s much better than the result of self-helpless like “reading – 4, hair – 3, Elementary – 2” that absolutely anyone about anything do not say.

An exception is the case where the resume can potentially read the man who does not know the Russian language. Then resume in English or another foreign language is mandatory. But for the Belarusian company, even in this case it is better to send both options – Russian and foreign, provide managers with the opportunity to choose the preferred language for him.


In no case do not write a coherent text. Do not make a resume in a literary essay! Since it is very inconvenient to work.

The fact that managers – people employed and usually read a summary of what is called, diagonally, snatching practiced eye they need places and keywords. Therefore, the summary should be structured – it is easy to perceive.

Each section of the need to formalize – or tabulate (track record, education), or each new element (name, address, etc.) to start a new line. Optional frame and draws the dividing lines of tables – enough, if the text is strictly enough to columns and well structured. Caption each section and write headlines in large print to the eye easily picked out the necessary information.

Do not abuse the small design elements – italics, bold, underlined words in capital letters. Do not turn text into a quilt.

General recommendations

More facts and any estimates

It should spell out only the “bare” facts, avoiding flattering self-assessments such as “a great experience”, “teamwork”, “good organizational skills,” etc. Summary drawn up so that the manager himself made the dates of your conclusions.

Let the facts speak for you. So, from the track record to be seen how long you had to lead a group, department, now, how many people were subordinated to what it had to perform complex tasks, which honors and rewards you get.

Facts are different. Do not engage in fraud! Often young students programmers claim the total experience of programming in 40-50 years, indicating: «Visual C – 5 years, Delphi – 5 years, Pascal – 9 years, Assembler – 7 years, Basic – 8 years”, etc. Manager will see a track record of how much time which instrument to candidate and draw the appropriate conclusions.

No – false modesty!

In no case can not be lowered important for the employer positive facts – about the size of a brigade headed, to participate in the important, major works, etc. This not only degrades the quality of job, but also – when it detects concealment of important facts during the interview – undermines the credibility of the text and to resume for the candidate. It does not matter positive or negative fact is hidden.

As noted above, this modesty is not to give estimates itself. Give it to others to make on the basis of carefully selected and properly submitted facts of your working life.

Typical of many shyness and modesty does not decorate, and humiliates all participants in the process of recruitment. Do not force the employer to arrange cross-examination to pull ticks from your important information! Do not force him to make inquiries about you through your past employers! Your task – to provide it with all necessary information about yourself – so that he did not have any additional questions or suggestions that you’re hiding something.

Of course, do not lie, and to ascribe to themselves the non-existent services. All that is required – not to conceal information about themselves positive. Your resume should not look like a second-class resume! After all, there are other candidates, perhaps less worthy, but with a better resume writing.

Therefore, make sure that your resume “began to play”! Resume, re-read it the next day. If you find that you’re reading about someone else who is better than you and who would you personally respected – so good resume.

Adapt to the requirements of the employer resume

It is important to take into account in the summary of future work and position. So, for example, if you are applying for the position of specialist testing and documenting software, do not focus on what you – the programmer high-end, even if you have them and are. After all, your qualifications may be considered too high for this to work (overqualified) and refuse, knowing that you will not be able to perform quality work, leading to disqualification. Yes, and what the manager (especially if it is also a former programmer) want to be subordinate to the higher professional qualifications than himself? ..

If you absolutely need this job, you must convert resume so that your main occupation seemed testing or documentation respectively, and the remaining activities (programming, implementation and maintenance) – a subsidiary.

Similarly, should do if you are applying for a change in the nature of work – should show you all my life as if only those involved and that worked for your new specialization.

There can not be a single summary for all occasions, which could be sent to all firms unchanged. Every time we should first consider what qualities will be valued at a new job, and in accordance with, modify resume.

Good job for you!

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