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How to write a resume – CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

How to write a resume - CV (Curriculum Vitae)-
How to write a resume – CV (Curriculum Vitae)-
Summary – a very important thing for a job. It gives a summary of your professional portrait. It is important that you have made it correctly.

Write a good resume, you can expect that you will work. If you have made a bad resume – make sure that the employer you never call.

Through the hands of the employer are hundreds of resumes. Your resume will be read no more than 2-3 minutes, and you need to make it so, to give the most accurate and relevant information about your professional skills in this short period of time.

How to write a resume?

The first thing that draws attention . A4 sheet of paper, be sure to print the text (summary, written by hand, no one will read). Text resume should fit on one page. Font normal, readable size.

Style summary should celebrate:

  • short,
  • concreteness
  • selectivity (do not write too much)
  • honesty.

What you need to specify in the resume?

  • Personal data : name, date of birth, marital status, address, telephone, fax, e-mail.
  • The goal : a place for which you are applying.
  • Education major . Specify the schools that you have finished in reverse order. High school can be omitted (unless it is special school). Specify the name of the institution, department, specialty Diploma. If you have an honors degree, make sure you check it.
  • Additional education . In this column are the names of courses, internships, workshops, seminars, etc. Specify only those courses that are relevant to your chosen job.
  • Experience . It contains information about previous jobs. The data indicate, in descending order, first select the last place of work, then the penultimate, etc. Enter the month and year of joining, month and year of layoffs, company name, scope of activities of the organization and your position.
  • Additional Information . In this section you can include anything that increases your value in the eyes of the employer. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​(please specify foreign language, degree of knowledge), skills to work on a personal computer (with an indication of applied software), driving license, personal car, passport. Perhaps you are ready for business travelers travel to long working days. You can include in this section a brief description of his personal qualities, such as: energetic, demanding of himself and others, a good organizer, etc. Just do not forget, you have to actually confirm this characteristic.
  • Date of the resume .

What not to indicate in the summary:

  • your entire working career,
  • your physique,
  • photo
  • the reasons why you went to work,
  • Required for salary.


The purpose of resume – to show that you are and what you are better than others.

The main principle of resume – all to emphasize your strengths, and brighten (hide) your shortcomings.


In this article you learned that the summary should be written in standard, according to the rules. But in fact it is not necessary.

For example, recently I stumbled upon the information on the site Lebedev Studio in the ” jobs “:” But remember one thing: if you send us a standard blunt summary compiled by all the rules of the American bureaucracy, it will be cleared at the time of receipt without any attempts to study it. No “Objective: to establish hue-moe”. No tales of self-motivation and love to work in a team. It’s interesting. We want to hear from you a letter, which is written specifically for us (but not sent to the addresses once forty) – without templates and verifications with the recommendations of recruiters. Fewer of us just are not satisfied. “

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