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Interview: meet on clothes

Interview: meet on clothes
Interview: meet on clothes
If you will not look as it should, if you will from the bad smell, if you speak inappropriately, then most likely, you offend your future employers or recruiters, and then you can hardly count on the cooperation with them .

Do not let you in to see nothing wrong

The appearance of the applicant plays a huge role. In an interview personal agency or at a business meeting, you should be well dressed and well-groomed look. Whether you are a man or a woman, neat modern business suit (not trendy and traditional) – the best way to make a good impression. It is important that your shoes (also the classical style), jewelry and accessories fit together. If you are going to an important meeting, it is not necessary to wear everyday or informal clothes, because this kind may cause irritation.

Well-groomed man speaks volumes, so your hair should be clean, trimmed or styled. Go to the hairdresser or beauty salon, if you have not been there for a long time. Men should appear on the business meetings only freshly shaven, and those who wear a beard or a mustache, cut them gently suggested. Makeup for women should not be as bright as the evening to go out.

Status hands and nails is very evident in the interviews and business meetings. Hands and nails should be kept clean. If you occasionally biting nails or burrs, try to get rid of this bad habit, or at least to hide the defects of nail varnish underneath. Hands should also be put in order, to take care of them in advance, brushing them with a nourishing cream. The length of your nails and nail color, if you paint your nails need to be restrained and conservative. Manicures should look professional.

Your posture and gestures, too, can play an important role in the conclusion of a contract or a job. Too bad if you look tired or your posture too relaxed, if you bored or sleepy look, if you suffer yawning. But even worse, if your behavior indicates that you are nervous: bites his nails, scratched, knock foot on the floor or on the table pen, chewing gum, if you shake hands and you can not, without spilling, to convey to the mouth a cup of tea or coffee; if you now and then interrupted to answer a call on a mobile phone, often look at the clock, sighing or somehow hold blatantly and unceremoniously. All this should be avoided if you want to make a good impression.

What can you recommend to applicants? Such simple things as a strong firm handshake, a sincere friendship greeting pose, shows the attention and friendly attitude towards the other party, following the simple rules of etiquette during a meeting – all these will help you successfully pass the interview and succeed at a business meeting.

Your smell – your business card

Smell also forms the first impression of the person. Since, as a rule, we are embarrassed to talk to another person that stinks of it, even if we bind sufficiently close relationship, people may not be aware that the smell someone does not like it. If you wear clothes stale if you did not take a shower or use deodorant forget, if you are sweating more than usual, and often smoke, you may be smelling bad.

If you came for an interview or business meeting and someone in a hurry to open the window or obviously in a hurry to end the conversation as quickly as possible with you, consider that this is a hint. Ask a close friend to be honest you do not smell any of you, and if your fears are confirmed, to urgently address this problem.

However, to avoid too strong perfume or cologne. Vyberaem hairspray without a pronounced odor. These things should be used very carefully to smell nobody annoyed. And it definitely should not use perfume or cologne to hide the unpleasant smell emanating from unwashed body. It will only lead to the opposite effect.

Bad breath can cost you a good job or a successful transaction. Do not eat before an important meeting or garlic onions, drinking coffee and smoking. Keep on the toothbrush and toothpaste – they can come in handy. Also stock up on chewing gum and breath freshening candies, but do not forget to throw the gum before the meeting.

Do not give to hear from you no harm

What you say and how you say it, is also very important to make a good impression at the interview or business meeting. Speak clearly and confidently, watch your language and literacy correct pronunciation correctly put accent. A true professional is not afraid of difficult issues and keeps a positive attitude throughout the meeting, without ceasing to monitor the correctness and the culture of speech. What are we to you and sincerely wish.

Poor vocabulary, use of obscene language, slang and words with negative connotation can cause negative emotions in people, talking with you. If you are too talkative or, conversely, too closed, it will serve you a disservice. If you can not listen to the interlocutor, if you have a terrible habit of now and then interrupt the speaker and insert their comments, know that this is a very bad taste.

In today’s labor market it is important, even little things like intonation. You always help a friendly tone, indicating the desire to be helpful to the client and meet all its requirements. Conversely, monotone, arrogant, negatively stained issuing indifference to the needs of the person or even aggressive manner of speech – a straight road to failure.

If you are invited for an interview in a recruitment agency, to meet with potential and regular customers want to get promoted to the company, which is now running – in all these cases, you need to understand exactly what helps you to create a good impression, which will remain interlocutor in memory for a long time. This will help you in your professional growth. Competition rules the roost in the business world. Look closely to himself and to those around you. Work on their weaknesses and develop their dignity. Earn first impression of you was always good.

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