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Interview: why I refused?

Interview: why I refused?
Interview: why I refused?
You were interviewed – quite successfully, in your opinion. But you have not called back. Why is that? To understand the reasons for personnel officers denied one candidate, while others give a positive response, the correspondent of “Working for You” went for an interview at a large company, recruit office staff.

Friendliness and adult children

The first researches have claimed the open position. It was a woman 42 years old, neatly dressed, with a charming kind smile.

The interview began with a summary view pretender and questions about the past experience, the team, the reasons for dismissal.

– I have not resigned – said soiskatelnits. – So far, just think about it, looking for some more suitable option. Your organization suits me because close to home – I live here in 20 minutes’ walk. I will just get more comfortable.

– A salary?

– There it is, but only slightly, so that the main plus is still a territorial.

– The team does not throw a pity? 8 years of working together.

– It’s a pity, but the proximity of the place of work to the house it is very tempting. I’m tired of spending every day on the road for three hours. If you want to stay at work, to have to go back almost night. It’s hard. And with the team, I think I’m here getting on. I am not a conflict, who quickly worked.

– A team of the past quickly become accustomed?

– Enough. Well, in the beginning, of course, it was not very comfortable, as in any new location. And then we got used to each other, so that now the attitude is really very good.

Then walked a block trade issues: what researches have faced, what – no. Discuss it all, the manager asked:

– You will need to work 2 weeks severance?

– I think we somehow agree with the chief. Maybe he let go without working out. And what you have already decided on my candidacy?

– Not yet, – smiling personnel officer – you first need to go through yet another interview – our chief accountant. Now I call her wait.

HR Manager dialed, spoke and asked soiskatelnits go for it – in the office of the chief accountant.

When he returned, he commented:

I sent soiskatelnits for an interview with the chief accountant. She made me a good impression. Judging by the track record specified in the job, it is a reliable employee – do not jump from place to place, each running for a long time. It’s good. From the story of the team it can be seen that it is conflict-free people. The children she has grown – that’s a plus, as It will not take the endless hospital. Pleasant, open. I personally have no comments to soiskatelnits. Chief Accountant talk to her proficiency check, and if it is suitable for knowledge, we will take it.

(Glavbukh called back half an hour later, and said that soiskatelnits be invited for registration.)

Martyrs do not accept

The next candidate, a man of 30 years, applied for the position of IT-specialist. He was dressed in a rather sporty than in the business, jeans, turtleneck, black boots covered with a thick layer of street dust. But he had a pleasant fragrance, but with the amount of it overdone – the scent we heard before, as the candidate knocked on the door.

HR Manager start the interview with a question about education, and then asked what exactly he was doing in the company in which he worked before. He asked whether married – it turned out not.

During the conversation, the young man sitting on a chair, stretched out his legs outstretched. We can say reclined. His hands were almost always kept crossed on his chest. The eyes staring at the HR-rare. Before you answer the question, whenever breathed heavily – in general, the impression of a martyr. To understand his speech at times it was difficult, too, because most of it consisted of professional slang and words-parasites. As personnel officer it was obvious that she, too, understands it only partially – periodically woman questioningly raised eyebrows, but the applicant did not see it, because He did not take his eyes off his shoes.

When the young man closed the door, the manager of the personnel department issued its verdict:

No, the competitor will not work for us. And it’s not that he’s dressed slovenly – many computer scientists that are affected. It does not matter, and that from him too sharp, suffocating odor of cologne. He speaks in a strange manner. It feels like it does not need anything. It is passive, not interested in the fact that once developed within the company. Ask him questions and get the terse answer – as if the applicant makes a favor by opening his mouth. These employees are not required.

Since independence

Third threshold HR lady crossed 23 years. I qualify it for the position Goods expert. She is a strong contrast with the previous applicant – mobile and active, do not shy, constantly turned her head from side to side. The conversation was in the following manner:

– Where have you worked before?
– It’s a written questionnaire.
– Unclear.
She says the name of the company.
– What she trades?
– Electronics.
– Why did you quit?
– It happened. I was so comfortable. Marriage was about.
– They went out?
– No. Not yet.
– How long have you been unemployed? Six months? And what is all this time doing?
– House sitting.
– And why did you decide to go back to work?
– Tired of the groom depend. I would like to become self-sufficient.
– Of course. You have not specified telephone number of the organization. They have some number?
– I do not know their numbers. It seems the company moved.
– That is, the contacts can not give you?
– No. Well, if you want, you can write the mobile phone number of my partner. She recommend me.
– No, thank you.

Once the aspirant has left office, the personnel officer said:

This girl we do not accept. She has a degree in economics – is a plus. But experience is not enough. In addition, it is not serious set: quit, because I’m going to marry. Now, apparently, he had a fight with her fiance and decided to go to work. Tomorrow they will reconcile, and she will go back, because she was so convenience. Recommendations can not give, this is also an alarming sign. Anyway, it shows a complete inability to communicate, why should I, a stranger, to know so many details about her life – by golly, simplicity worse than stealing goods manager Although it is not clear which is worse.

So, to summarize:

  • Going on a job interview, pay attention to their appearance. Tip ancient as the world, but nonetheless relevant.
  • Dress neatly, avoid flashy parts and the pungent smell of perfume.
  • Do not be afraid of the personnel – deployed answer the questions, try to be friendly. However, do not go to extremes – avoid excessive detail about his personal life.
  • Try to demonstrate a serious attitude to work, if necessary, provide the telephone number of organization in which you worked before. The fact that he is asked, does not mean that they will use. Perhaps the employer just wants to see you afraid of such a check (if you are afraid, then there is something to hide).
  • And finally, remember that smile and open look always makes a good impression.

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