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Mobil Oil need staff

Mobil oil
Mobil oil

Mobil oil is a American oil and gas company . It was merged with American company Exxon in 1999 and formed ExxonMobil. Mobil was founded in 1911 as brand name Mobil oil and that time the company only have business operation in United states but with the time it started their business in all over the world . Now the company operate in every region of the world . Mobil oil is the one of the biggest and largest and oldest petroleum company of the world . The company have largest petrol and gas station network in united estate .

Mobil Brands

Mobil have many lubricants brands and these brands running successfully in all over the world . Some of Mobil brands are follow .

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 was founded in 1974 and it was the successor of Mobil brand and it include different kinds of lubricants products like Motor oil , Engine oil , Filters , Gasoline and many other different products and it is available in all over the world .

Mobil Industrial

Mobil Industrial is a brand of Mobil oil . It is specially made for industries , It provide lubricants and grease products for industrial use .

Mobil Gasoline

Mobil Gasoline is the major product of Mobil oil and it is the most popular local brand of Gasoline in United states and it have their operation is all over the United States and other countries .

Mobil Oil hiring staff

Mobil expanding their business in many countries and need staff for different products . Mobil want to develop their market in Asia and Europe . The company need staff in different sectors like Engineering , Drilling , Offshore , Onshore , Marketing , Sales , Accounts , Administration , Human resource , information technology . The company need expert and fresh staff which can work in tough conditions and pressure situations . Fresh graduates do not hesitate and apply for the jobs .

Benefits to Employees

The company provide all kinds of benefits and allowances to their employees . It provide handsome salaries and bonuses to their employees . It provide rent allowance , over time allowance , Medical allowance and many others .
It is treat to work in Mobil .

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  1. Motale Nebota Mukete

    I seek to obtain a position where my working experience,interpersonal skills,business development,public relations,employment background,extensive volunteer work & education can be utilized. I lead by example and always have been in a leadership role where work & train others.

  2. I am interested to join Mobil Oil ,I am Mechatronics Engineer with more than seven years in Oil&Gas experiences. Kindly contact me through email or LinkedIn.
    (https://ae.linkedin.com/pub/mohamed-rabie/11/32b/160) – (mmrabi3@yahoo.com)

  3. i am electrical engineer and i have 5 years experiences in oil & gas field . check my Linkedin profile please.

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