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Self-presentation at the interview

Self-presentation at the interview
Self-presentation at the interview
Many job seekers (even the “cool” professionals) waves at the interview and, of course, begin to make mistakes. Therefore, do not refuse the offer to be interviewed, even if the intended job is not quite satisfied with you. It’s a great workout. When this is not possible, to work independently. It is well known that excessive excitement greatly reduces your chances. But how to avoid it?

The easiest way – to think in advance the answers to some common questions. Start with the most probable – “tell me about yourself” (but note – the initial nervousness can cause excessive verbosity, and it’s too bad).

When asked to talk about his career, and you are a person versatile – focus on the responsibilities and achievements of the past, because the meeting is given a limited time.

Some interviewers interviewing the main question – “Why?”. First, the interviewer asked a simple question. You answer “yes” or “no” or call it something (for example, your favorite activity). And the interviewer immediately asked: “Why?”. Very often it is a simple “why?” Puts the applicant in a difficult position. He does not know what to say and babbles something unintelligible. Be prepared to answer the question “Why?”, What would you not ask.

A skilled interviewer is usually not satisfied streamlined and insufficiently specific answer. He asks a question, often using something like a clue what you said. In this case, the interviewer not only gets the information he needs on the merits. It also creates a stressful situation for the applicant and watching his behavior. Do not hesitate and do not panic. Calmly accept any additional questions, try to answer on the merits and briefly.

Below I have listed some common questions asked during the interview and the range of possible responses to them.

Questions to ask during the interview

Why did you leave …?

Should not be given negative feedback on the previous job, the former superiors and colleagues. Do not wash dirty linen in public. The interviewer or your boss can best see this as a potential threat to their own company (there are no organizations without flaws). Best described as neutral reason: irregular cash payments, the lack of growth prospects, distance from home, inconvenient work schedule, and so on. N. Be respectful when speaking of his previous leadership. Emphasize dignity, mention the drawbacks. This will add you points. The interviewee will be sure that brought him to deal with you, he can count on such an attitude.

Where are you working on now?

Even if you do not currently have a permanent job, an error – to say “never.” The employer may give the impression that he was talking to a man who no one needs. Think carefully about the answer to this question. We can say that at the moment you have no job. But in any case, answer so as to leave the impression of being energetic, which is not sitting idly by.

What are your biggest advantage (weakness) as an employee?

Tell us about your main dignity and ensure that the answer is a living example. Examples give the story emotional expressiveness, honesty, well convince the interlocutor. Do not forget that the interview – it’s not psychotherapy, and recognized the deficiencies must be extremely cautious. But do not deny them. The purpose of this question – to assess whether you are self-critical and constructive. There is no perfect employee, but a man who can not see their own strengths and weaknesses, it is difficult to deal with.

Why do you want to work in our company?

I advise you to take this issue more than seriously. The correct answer is – 50% success rate. Demonstrating knowledge of the subject (type of activity, the dynamics of the company, its past achievements), you flatter the vanity of the employer and prove their competence. Take a sample of the product (if possible), or promotional products company. Give a positive assessment of the company as a whole, make one or two criticisms – let the employer will understand that you know how to improve it. Show that you can be useful company conducting the interview you.

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