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The art of resume or how to best write a resume

The art of resume or how to best write a resume
The art of resume or how to best write a resume
What should and what should not be written in the abstract.

Anyone who is looking for a job through a staffing agency or ads, you must be able to make a competent job, to showmanship, t. E. To make a favorable impression on employers their skills and qualifications. In principle, the summary will not interfere, and those looking for a job through a friend, since it will reduce the number of questions to the candidate. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, our country has not yet worked out strict rules resume writing.

In the West, everything is different, there are certain requirements for the form and content of the CV (Curriculum Vitae). Translated from the Latin Curriculum Vitae means “life”, which in the first approximation corresponds to our term “resume”. In developed countries, particularly the United States, there are even special agencies, only activity is to help job seekers in drafting CV. On the one hand, the absence of stringent requirements for resume writing has the advantage that the applicant receives the freedom of maneuver and can focus on what he considers important for herself or the employer. On the other hand, freedom sometimes leads to the fact that many resume impossible to read without a smile, as they are the real vinaigrette. For example, some resume more like novels or fictionalized autobiography.

Meanwhile, the resume is not an autobiography in form nor in content. The specialist should be reflected in the summary, though briefly, but what really may be interested employer. Therefore, although the stringent requirements for a summary and does not exist in its drafting should follow a certain order. First of all, the resume should fit on one page (on one side of one sheet of paper). Even if a specialist wealth of experience and a great track record, however, all the information is highly desirable to fit on one page, at least by reducing the font size. However, here there is a subtlety: if the summary will be sent by fax (which is a widespread practice), the font size should not be too small, otherwise the text is difficult to read. Experience has shown that when a large number of applicants the employer will simply not acquainted with the second or third page of the resume. The second important requirement: try to avoid the syntax and spelling errors. To some it may seem that this is a reminder too, but I have met a lot of resumes with blunders. Accordingly, they made a very bad impression and unflattering characterized originator. Understand that resume – it’s your face, it’s finally a certificate to the goods, which serve yourself. If you have problems with the Russian language, before sending it, show your resume or friends to check.

Summary sure to write in Russian, unless the advertisement clearly stated otherwise. Unfortunately, some neglect this requirement by sending a summary in English. Thus, they are probably trying to impress his deep knowledge of a foreign language. But the effect is often the opposite. Employers usually consider such manner pizhonstvom. The requirement for a resume in Russian is true even for the foreign missions, since they are engaged in the recruitment of our compatriots. At the beginning of the resume (the word “resume” is not necessarily to write) must submit the most important biographic data, such as: name, first name, age and marital status. In principle, age and marital status can be specified in the end of the summary, but the full name desirable to place at the very beginning.

Directly behind the biographical data should be immediately pointed out what kind of job you want to receive and / or at what position expect. More recently, when we hired a system administrator, I looked a couple of dozen resumes, and it struck me that most of them, this is not an important point. Of themselves as resume is not always clear that the candidate wants. For example, Mr. Imyarek at various times engaged in trade of computers, manage the network, he was a programmer and even the manager. In a summary, it was unclear to what work he no longer is, and the employer is a very important issue. Few people want to take the system administrator rights, if he prefers to engage in marketing: a few months later he is still fired. However, in summary, you can specify a number of activities that you want to do – most importantly, that these activities were close to each other. A good example: “I am working network administrator NetWare / UNIX system administrator or UNIX». Bad example: “I am looking for a job network administrator or sales manager for computer hardware.”

Of course, every rule has an exception: if you’re looking for a place through recruitment agencies and do not know in advance what you have to offer, you can specify multiple types of work. If you are going to send a resume in response to an advertisement in the press or on the Internet, it is recommended to call a particular activity (the one specified in the advertisement). Then the employer is more likely to be a view that he needed specialist – it is you. Regarding the content side, the composition of the resume can be divided into three parts: the track record, education and additional information. The first two parts can be placed in any order, the additional information should be placed at the end. In this context, we can only give a recommendation: if you have little experience (or rather, not particularly remarkable track record), it is best to start with education. It is particularly recommended to the students yesterday. The most important principle in the preparation of summary: do not engage in literary work, that is. E. Not to write. Better something did not finish, than to say too much. Do not write that you are an expert in a certain subject, if you know about the subject only by hearsay. Not only that, you will still be caught by the hand, you can ruin your career, even going to another company, because bad news travels fast. Of course, nothing prevents several embellish their accomplishments. But just to embellish, not to tell lies. Unfortunately, up to now can be found in the summary of a blatant lie. Especially those suffering yesterday’s students. But it is said, “Take care of the honor of his youth.” Most fraud can be detected even without meeting with the candidate directly from the very summary. How can we take seriously a young man 23 years old when he tells about himself that almost fluent DBMS Oracle, Informix and Microsoft SQL Server at the same time, as well as the operating system UNIX, NetWare, Windows NT, and moreover, CAD AutoCAD system and Lotus Domino? Before he had not yet realized that these geniuses can not, in principle, the more so in ’23.

One important note: do not talk too much. Even if the specialist actually knows a lot, worked with different products, publications and owns a multitude of professions, it is unlikely that he should write about all this. This is especially remark applies to those areas of activity that are not directly related to the required work. It is foolish to write that you are well versed in the thermal equipment, when applying for a place on the system administrator. But even with the transfer of information directly related to the computer industry, it is necessary to know when to stop. Employer is important that you as best as possible the subject of his interest owned. If you write that you own lots of other things, this can create a bad impression because the employer rightly believes that you have paid insufficient attention is needed for it. In this regard, I am reminded of the case when some tried to get a PhD in foreign firms and to hit them, led the list of their publications, which was by the hundreds. Needless to say, the firm refused to take him to work, pointing out that it can not be a good employee, because all the time spent on writing articles. Jobseeker should also not overdo it with the indication of the merits, as those who influence your decision to work, hold on to your seats and do not want unnecessary competition from newcomer. At the time, I myself had to deal with similar cases. While working at the plant, where there were problems with the payment of salaries, I tried to get the branch network administrator is very well-known bank. All preliminary agreements and interview went like clockwork. However, looking at resumes, CIO Bank categorically opposed my appointment, saying that I was too “cool” for them and that I’ll be their “podsizhivat” (of course, this was said to me personally, the management came up with a different version).

When resume writing, as far as possible, we must follow the rule: to learn more about the employer, and that he wants. And write a resume specifically “under him.” To do this, you can prepare a special pattern, where changing a few words, it is easy to adapt the contents of the document. Unfortunately, this option is suitable only for cases where the job is carried out by the ads. When working with employment agencies he will not do as an employer and its requirements are not known beforehand.

Records, t. E. The previous place of employment, it is necessary to put in reverse chronological order, with the most complete description of your last job. Employers are not interested in who you were and what you were doing five years ago, let alone ten. Again, your description is necessary whenever possible to adjust the requirements of the customer, without being distracted by the little things that he was not interested in (for example, you had to work with a certain exotic program). However, if you have mastered any serious or very popular product specified by the employer, it is recommended to mention it. This will give you an extra chance. List should not only race your classes, but also positions for many employers is very important information. Not bad, if a separate item (before or after the track record) you bring, as they say, the final list of his skills. It is a kind of summary of the summary. With regard to the section “Education”, it should also be in reverse chronological order. The first step is to specify vocational training, especially what courses attended and which certificates have. No matter what the certificates are usually only one year, certificates, especially international, always impresses employers, regardless of the statute of limitations. Do not forget to bring information about your general education, many employers pay attention to this point, even if you have graduated from university two decades ago. In the “For More Information” (of course, do not write the name) must specify the age and marital status (if they have not been shown before), home address and telephone number. You can also report the presence of a driver’s license, proficiency in foreign languages, to list their publications, awards, diplomas tenders (if any) and specify other information.

And finally, before you send the resume, read it several times. Even better, if someone check it out. Resume better to prepare several versions, even for the same employer: in print and electronic form. If you plan to send resume via e-mail, its content is better placed directly in the body of the message, rather than as an attachment. If you still prefer the use of attachment, keep in mind that sending letters to the formatted form, even if it is created in any popular text editor, it is considered bad form. It may be that your favorite Word the employer is not being used, and if used, it may not be necessary fonts.

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