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The Most Frequently Asked Questions Of The Interviewer

Best job interview Questions?

This question can be asked in the beginning and only pre-treatment will help to orient. Tell us a little about yourself. (What are your responsibilities at this job?). In a nutshell the two-minute answer you can talk about your education and work experience and incidentally trying to prove that you are an excellent candidate for the available position.

top question ask in interviews

Why did you choose this kind of work (company, education)?

Give serious reasons: growth opportunities, rewarding experience etc.

Have you received other job offers?

If received, directly say so: it will increase your chances. Of course, it should be added that the work you are interested in more.

Have you interviewing elsewhere?

As a rule, you can answer yes, but did not specify where.

Does not interfere with your personal life work related travels and irregular working hours?

This question is often asked women. The law prohibits an employer interested in, does the marital status of applicants for the job. An attempt to circumvent the law firm answer is no.

What are your strengths?

Emphasize is first quality useful for the job. Confirm the presence of these as examples of your life in the years of study or work.

What are your weaknesses?

In this case do not answer this question honestly. It should be used to improve your chances. Best described as a lack of which would be a logical extension of your same advantages.

Why do you want this particular job? Why should we hire you?

To answer to this question should be prepared. You are expected to confirm that you are aware of the company’s affairs. Lack of knowledge about the company and the industry is one of the main reasons for the refusal to hire.

Why did you leave your previous (decided to change the place of) work?

You should not talk about the conflict even if it took place and blame his former boss or employer. Give the reason type: due to the upcoming reorganization I’m not sure that I can be useful to the company and beyond; I cannot realize their full potential; I do not have opportunities for professional growth. If the interviewer knows that you had a conflict without going into details, explained that this was a unique case involving special circumstances, and emphasize all the positive things that were in the previous study: lessons learned skills, etc.

How do you see your position in five (ten) years?

Better respond vaguely, for example: I would like to work in the same organization but more important work.

What kind of salary do you expect?

It is better to try to avoid answering by saying that you do not think that the salary should be discussed first. If the interviewer insists, nevertheless try to find out from him how the company assumes offer. If you still have to call the number, name or slightly above average upper and lower bounds of the expected amount.

What would you like to know more?

Never say that you have no more questions. You can ask about the content of your future work, about what to expect from the company a candidate for this post, why retired people, who held this position until you or clarify something, it is unclear from the previous conversation

If you get this job, what would be your first steps?

The question often is given to applicants for places managers and administrative positions. It should show his familiarity with similar situations and the ability to take the initiative. But do not overdo it, showing willingness to leave no stone unturned. Beware also propose changes, if you do not have enough opportunities to get acquainted with the state of affairs.

What is your biggest achievement?

Make a list of your greatest achievements over the past 5 years. Where possible, please give figures to estimate the measure of your success.

How, in your opinion, should be the boss?

In fact, you want to find out whether you are prone to conflicts with his superiors. The ideal answer would be: competent, strong leader, which I could learn, that will give me a chance to test their own strength, will instruct me, and if necessary ask thrashing.

Some additional questions that you can ask at the interview:

  • As usual passes your workday?
  • How do you determine the priority of their cases?
  • What do you like about your job more and that the least?
  • What are the problems you have to decide on your work?
  • You usually agree or dispute, and why?
  • What you would be interested to try your hand?
  • If you are given a choice, would you prefer to make plans and implement them?
  • What are 3 situations in which you have not succeeded.Why?
  • Name 3 character traits that you would like to fix it.Why?
  • Why did you cut (fired)?
  • What were you agree, and what do not agree with your previous boss?
  • How do you evaluate your work?
  • Do you agree with the assessment were?
  • Why are you interested in getting this post?
  • As this post is related to your career expectations?
  • What good could you bring us?

At the end of the meeting again briefly the rationale for his candidacy and thank conduct interviews for their attention to you. Hope you enjoyed best job interview questions.

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