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10 classic mistakes in choosing clothes for a job interview

10 classic mistakes in choosing clothes for a job interview
10 classic mistakes in choosing clothes for a job interview
Success in life depends on to what line of business people decided to realize themselves. However, the process of self-realization as a professional is often coupled with the search for work. When a potential place of work found the applicant to be interviewed. And in order to successfully overcome this stage, in addition to having the skills necessary to know how to present yourself.

The first impression is always the strongest, and it is very difficult to change, although it may not be accurate. Therefore it is very important from the outset to make the representative of the company the most favorable impression. Clothes can tell a lot about the host. And we have to reckon with this “leakage” of information, and therefore think carefully wardrobe.

The International Association of image consultants (Association of Image Consultants International) has identified the ten most common mistakes job seekers .

  • With the passage of an interview with an employer are not permitted:
  • Long brightly painted nails. At the other extreme – unshorn and dirty fingernails.
  • Excessive jewelry. Using large earrings and bracelets. Using More than earrings. Ear nose, lips, etc.
  • Shoes with open toes, or backless.
  • In the summer of unacceptable naked female legs. Mandatory stockings or tights neutral colors.
  • Shorts or pants beach.
  • Shabby suit with stale shirt.
  • Leather jacket (applies to both men and women). In general, leather products should be avoided. The only exception – Watchband and bag.
  • Galstuk- “butterfly” in men.
  • Bags decorated with logos, and plastic bags filled with papers.
  • Red briefcases, handbags, shoes, ties, shirts and so on. D.

President of the Association of image consultants Anna Vildermatt said that the passage of the interview should look like the most conservative and strict. Clothing and accessories must be designed in gray and blue tones.

Brown is associated with a business suit everyday, and so when the interview is not acceptable.

The black color looks mourning and the green is dangerous – in certain lights green suit may not look the best way, according to Washington ProFile.

Of course, the appearance and style of clothing is unlikely to be the only instrument in the victory at the interview when applying for a job, but definitely will not lose.

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