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10 steps of a successful job search

10 steps of a successful job search
10 steps of a successful job search

1. Job search – a trade

You, above all, selling your skills. Make sure you have packed and presented them to the employer as professional as they would sell any other goods. Remember, you have a lot of competitors, so be sure to accentuate your merits and advantages over the others.

2. Search of work – it is a certain, prevailing process

This process has its own stage. This is the beginning (Assessment and Planning), middle (job search and interview), and the final stage (negotiation and adoption of the proposal). These are natural stages of job search, through which must pass every competitor.

3. Know the “who” you are

Any effective job search starts with a deep analysis of “who” you are of your degree qualification and distinctive features. What do you like? What do you dislike? From what kind of training you get the most pleasure? Where would you most like to use my skills? Match your achievements and skills with the requirements for this position!

4. Define your goals and how you want to be perceived

Your resume should give a clear picture of you as a professional. So, whom do you stand before the employer, it depends on how you want to be perceived. This is due to your current goals. For example, if you are a manager to work with clients and looking for a job as a sales manager, do focus on your presentation skills and products to customers participating in the negotiations. If you do the same manager, but want to take a position the head, highlight skills training, working with a team, develop a budget plan, and others.

5. The basis of summary – your results

The most effective resume – those that emphasize your past successes and results. Think like an employer who is looking for a competent, highly motivated, the most favorable for the company employees.

(To learn how to make your resume more successful in the next issue)

6. Never underestimate the importance of a cover letter

Here are the statistics: one-third of all employers always first read the cover letter, and another third views it after reading the summary. Your letter should be sure to tell the employer exactly the value of your candidature for his organization.

7. Keywords

Your resume and cover letter should contain keywords that match your chosen profession (but do not turn your resume into a long list of keywords).

8. Job Search – a multi-channel marketing

To sell any product, you should use the appropriate marketing channels. To find work – a letter or calls to the employer, resume posting on the Internet, advertising on the network, and others. How do you build a soybean individual marketing strategy depends entirely on your goals (the desired position, size and type of company in which you prefer to work et al.)

9. Effective use of the Internet

There are two main possibilities of using the Internet for job search: View vacancy announcements and resume posting on relevant sites. Maximum efficiency can be achieved by placing a summary and view vacancies on specialized sites dedicated to finding work in specific areas.

10. Interview – the key to success

Interview – the final stage on the way to interesting work. You go to an interview to present himself to discuss the details and “conclude” a deal. It seems very simple, but as we all know, the interview – is a complex event-competition. It is important to explore as much as possible about the company, its products, services and operations in order to better understand the specifics of the company. Take the initiative (bring a copy of your resume and recommendations for an interview, to anticipate the typical questions). Remember that you have already passed their first test (interview by phone or chat on the e-mail), so to behave confidently and teach yourself to the employer (the recruiter) with the best hand.

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