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10 Tips: How to get promoted?

10 Tips How to get promoted
10 Tips How to get promoted
You’ve grown out of that position, which is engaged in? Do you want to move one step up the ladder and get promoted? Or do you prefer a different direction in the same company? In both cases, listen to the 10 recommendations.
How to get promoted? It’s easy to do if you – a star employee, a respected company. Your skills and experience, your reputation – are factors that you can ensure the promotion of the career ladder.

1. Do quality work.

The results of your work – a crucial factor that determines whether you get the promotion. Positive feedback about your effectiveness, your reputation will be critical when the top management will take personnel decisions.

2. Act as a team.

offers his help when the company begins work on a new project. Stand as a candidate in the committees or working groups. Do not hesitate to offer assistance to the boss and colleagues, if you really have the opportunity to help them. As a result, you build up a reputation as a team player, always open for cooperation.

3. Do not miss the job.

Come to work on time and spend as much time on it as it should be. If you have a reputation for being absent from work longer than permitted, it will play against you.

4. Learn.

If your company has opportunities for professional development, use them to the fullest. If you realize that your skills need updating, take training courses or Walk. Your qualifications should always be on top.

5. Communicate.

Attend company parties and gatherings. The more trust will be your relationship with your colleagues, the more they know about you, the better. Top managers are more likely to promote the man whom they know well than a random applicant.

6. Follow the procedure.

Despite the fact that HR-managers you know, update your resume and write a cover letter. If your company has rules for applying for job, follow these rules. Do not rest assured that you will get exactly the offer: the company can be considered not only internal but also external candidates.

7. Discuss the intentions of the boss.

Be sure that your boss knows that you are applying for a new position. You may need its recommendations. It is also possible that it will help you with the transition.

8. Get a recommendation.

Ask your boss and colleagues with whom you work, write letters of recommendation. Such reviews, especially from senior colleagues are important.

9. Successfully complete the interview.

When changing from one position to another within a company can be a procedure for interviews. Prepare this step, it can be decisive.

10. Say goodbye and thank my colleagues.

If all goes well and you will be offered a promotion, get the opportunity to thank the staff, with whom you worked, and colleagues who have helped you get a new job. But do not send thank you letters as long as the company did not announce officially about your appointment.

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