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20 things on your resume, which nobody cares

20 things on your resume, which nobody cares
20 things on your resume, which nobody cares
We gathered in one place 20 common mistakes when creating a resume. Your employer is not interesting to know where you’ve worked 15 years ago, or what is your work email address. And he definitely did not need to resume, decorated by well-known only to you the rules of design. The rest read below.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is important not only when meeting new people, but also for a job. Unfortunately or fortunately, the first impression an employer you do not produce, and your resume . And he’d better be perfect.

We already wrote about what should be in the summary version of the famous HR-managers.

Here are 20 things that nobody wants to see in your resume:

  1. The story of your life. Nobody cares your summer part time. Your goal – to include in the summary of the most important information, which will deal with the position that you wish to receive.
  2. Complex and “dirty” summary. The document should be simple and clear to the reader can quickly find it all the important information.
  3. Your photo. In most cases, your photo will be superfluous. Unless you are not asked to send a CV with a photo, do without it.
  4. Blurred phrase. “I am looking for an interesting job with professional growth” – a hackneyed clich√©, which uses almost every second. Read the job description again and focus on what you can give.
  5. Personal details. If you are not satisfied with a sports journalist mentions of your sports career is not important. The same applies to religious and political issues. It’s funny, but many do believe that it is important.
  6. Abilities owned everything. Possession Excel ? Really? Any modern man can boast of this skill. If you have developed a free analog Excel – it’s interesting, if learned to build a table and insert formulas, do not mention it.
  7. Unexplained omissions. If you leave your work and worked as a freelancer, it is better to mention it, you leave in the summary size of skipping one year. If you work freelance, and gained skills that will be useful in this work, it would be even better if you say it.
  8. Beautiful creative fonts and formatting. These often emit resume than read. Seriously. We have already written about it.
  9. Unfilled profiles in social networks. Your profile in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and “VKontakte” – this is an important asset in your job search. If you like your resume to the employer, before inviting you for an interview, he must find you in one of social networks.
  10. Summary of the first person. Do not overdo it with the “I”. Better not write in the first person, and use designs like: “He also served as …”, “Manager of …”, “solves the problems associated with …”.
  11. A detailed description of your previous responsibilities. Instead, focus on results. On increasing profits, reducing costs, or on the release of a new successful product.
  12. Blurred statements about the success. If you have achieved something, you have to prove it. Bad: ” X to complete the project on time. ” Well, ” played a key role in the opening of a new branch. Since the discovery of increased customer base tripled, and the number of loyal customers – 33%. “
  13. A short list. It is not necessary to hold to the brevity. Transfer all your short list of skills – a bad idea. The summary should combine key events, but backed up by facts and descriptions.
  14. False. This is obvious. Nothing But the Truth. Typically, the deception is revealed sooner or later.
  15. Work postal address. The staff of the new company will not want to communicate with you in the old office address. It is better to use a personal e-mail.
  16. Lack of reviews for you. Make a list with the names and contacts of people with whom you work and who can tell you about the employer.
  17. Universal resume. The employer does not want to see your resume to the position of universal marketer, advertiser, SMM-specialist and programmer. Each position requires certain skills, and you should not be lazy and make different resumes.
  18. Cover letter. Sometimes he is asked to provide, in addition to the summary. In all other cases, do not bother. Nobody reads.
  19. Headers and footers. Some HR-managers use special software to read the summary. Many of them do not recognize the information in the headers and footers, so do not use them.
  20. Your office 15 years ago. The unspoken rule – not to mention their positions, since the work on which has been more than 15 years.

We look forward to your advice that you can give, based on personal experience.

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