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5 most common mistakes in your resume

5 most common mistakes in your resume
5 most common mistakes in your resume
HR Manager Google said in a blog post about what mistakes often allow candidates to work on their resumes. Fix them very easy!

On his page on LinkedIn Google vice president of recruitment Laszlo Bock wrote a note about what error often allow applicants to resume work. He also talks about how to fix them. In this paper, a lot of good advice, and we decided to share them with you.

Below – direct speech.

I recently counted how many resume I reviewed his career in Google – about 20 000, and each week in Google comes up to 50 000 letters from candidates.

Some of them are pretty good, some mediocre, some are terrible. The most interesting thing is that for 15 years I have seen in the summary of the same mistakes. The worst part is that sometimes these mistakes are really interesting and standing candidates. But we can not afford to compromise and often reject resume even the smallest mistakes.

I decided to list the five most common mistakes in your best interest to get rid of them.


A study conducted by CareerBuilder service in 2013, showed that 58% contain a summary of spelling and punctuation errors. 58%! This is more than half!

How to fix? After carefully reading the resume re-read it again, but from the bottom up. So you can focus on each line of text individually.


There is an unwritten rule:

One page CV for each 10 years of experience.

You can not cram all of their services in a single page? Well, the bad news: the works for three or four pages almost no one reads closely. Pascal once said: “I would have written a shorter letter, but I do not have time.” A clear and concise summary demonstrates your ability to clearly express their thoughts and talk about themselves only the most useful information.

Think about this: the main purpose of your resume is to get you invited for an interview. Everything. It’s just a tool to give you a chance to tell more about themselves. So once you were on the interview, you can tell about itself anything but better to reduce resume.


If you are not trying to get a designer or an artist, you try to make your resume simple and readable. Font size – at least 10 points. Bastard interval. The white paper, black font. Look at how shows the file in Word and Google Docs , and if everything is OK, then submit. You can also format the file in PDF – so you will be sure that the formatting of the text does not go astray.

Disclosure of confidential information

Once I got the job, in which the candidate said that he “advised one large IT-corporation in Redmond.” Such resume immediately rejected. You can not look for the line between so as not to divulge confidential information, and in order to show themselves in a good light. Despite the fact that this candidate did not mention Microsoft, and everything was so clear.

Approximately 5-10% of the CV contain sensitive information or hints of it. No employer wants to make this disclosure, so you most likely will not take. Spend with your resume a little test:

If you do not want your resume has appeared on the front page of the newspaper and your former boss read it, it is better to correct it.


From lie some problems :

  • You can easily reveal. Internet, acquaintances, former employer – they all can tell that you did not have learned perfectly well, you do not have a red diploma, and in general, you do not have a director and a junior sales manager.
  • It will haunt you. Imagine that a lie will be revealed 15 years later when you want to raise.
  • The parents did not teach you this.

These five mistakes most often allow. HR managers are looking for the best people, and in most cases, if you make one of these, you would not take the job. However, there is good news! Since these errors often allow the summary, you can stand out from the flow of a resume that will get rid of them.

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