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5 secrets to perfect resume

5 secrets to perfect resume
5 secrets to perfect resume
Summary – this is the first information about the applicant. It may be only if the employer deems that such a candidate is not suitable. As to interest a potential boss? How to get an invitation for a job interview? We open to you the secrets of the perfect resume.

And Sweden, and the reaper

Roman to his 28 years has worked as a mechanic, driver and courier. Any of these trades his suit, the main thing – that the salary is not less than $ 500. Start search for a new job, Roman, in order not to bother the hassle, I wrote a summary of all vacancies, and tirelessly sent out his employers. And I was very surprised that did not receive any response. The young man was perplexed: how can this be if the vacancy in a newspaper – a cart and a small truck? Are they all “fake”?

Secret number 1 :At each position it is necessary to create a separate summary. And in the “work experience” should indicate only those positions that are relevant to the vacancy. Hash not like employers. Firstly, there is a fear that the person does not decide what he wants. And secondly, it is not clear – at which the position he currently claims? Another subtlety: if you send a resume for a specific ad in a newspaper or the Internet, the job title should sound exactly the same, as stated by the employer.

My yours do not understand

Sergey was looking for a job statistics. In the newspaper he saw a tempting ad and immediately sent his resume to the employer. Last week, but he did not receive a response. Being a man of meticulous, Sergey decided to find out the reason. He called on the firm, he was connected with the personnel department. The man introduced himself and asked:

– You have received my resume?

Personnel rustled papers and said:

– Yeah, I got it. Sorry, you do not come to us.

– Why? I fully compliant!

– Among the prerequisites – knowledge of statistics. You do not.

– How – no? – Outraged Sergei Sergeyevich. – I wrote to the Russian language in the summary – “excellent knowledge of mathematical analysis.” Yes, any mathematician would say that this – the same thing, and even a bit more!

– I’m not a mathematician – dryly replied the woman and hung up.

Secret number 2 : Adjust the resume for a specific position. Write about your knowledge and skills with the same words that the employer in the ad. Personnel – the same man, he is a professional in HR administration, and only in general terms, is aware of other specialties. Before him lies a list of characteristics that must have a perfect competitor. And if in the summary are the other words, he concludes: “It is not appropriate.” Do not complicate the life of the personnel officer, and himself, speak the same language with him!

And the last shall be first

Helena applied for the post of Director of the dining room. It amounted to resume diligently copying all the records from his employment record. Seniority she had considerable: she had to go and Pioneer, and a kindergarten teacher and chef. Why it took so long can not find work?

Eventually Helena received an answer to his question. Calling the next employer, she asked whether it has reached a resume.

– Your last name? – Asked the personnel officer.

Helena called.

– Ah, pioneer leader! – I exclaimed personnel officer. – You do not come to us.

– Pioneer I was twenty years ago, – said Elena Ivanovna, but interlocutor has hung up.

Secret number 3 : Experience is necessary to list in reverse chronological order – starting from last place. And only one that has a direct bearing on the job. In each paragraph, specify: the period of work, the name of the company, its scope of activities, a position you held, description of responsibilities and your achievements. Do not forget why you’re writing a resume – to prove that the previous experience and knowledge allow you to take this job.

Do not la-la!

Kohl was looking for a new job a secret from colleagues and superiors. However, turnover in the department was great, and now that’s been vacant two positions. On one of them it’s the next resume.

– Listen, – announced the secretary Helen – that this guy wrote: “Additional information: do not smoke, do not drink. Hobbies – fishing. ” That is hilarious!

Caretaker P. thoughtfully scratched his head:

– What is he doing on a fishing trip, if not drinking?

– Probably encoded – concluded accountant Yerofeyev. – Why do we have an alcoholic?

– Yes, a strange type. Well, the devil with it, take someone else! – Head of department and decided to send the resume in the trash.

Kohl laughed along with everyone and then found in the computer’s own resume and removed from it the phrase: “Calm, collecting aquarium fish.”

Secret number 4 : Do not get carried away too much information. The fact that you have a daughter 14 years old and the apartment in the property, the employer is not interested. When an applicant writes about his hobby, in most cases it makes a funny and strange appearance. So what if the sales manager likes to read detective stories – good or bad? Another thing, if fascination is directly linked with the vacancy: mention love detectives appropriate if you are applying for the position of translator of detective fiction.

No room for error

Alice was looking for a job in Secretary. This announcement in the newspaper she met for the fifth time. Apparently, not easy to find an employer to pay an employee $ 300. She decided to try to take a position. She had almost no experience of secretarial work, but she was young and easily trained.

Alice for a job, and waited an invitation for an interview. And not waiting, she called the employer.

– You do not come to us, – she said.

– Why?

Said Alice flabbergasted:

– Learn first to write competently.

Secret number 5 : Text resume must be flawless in terms of spelling. Typos produce a feeling of revulsion. Worse still looked mistakes in the names of computer programs in the personnel immediately arises thought: Does their candidate really? Or simply decided to show off beautiful words?

The structure of the resume should be clear: the text is divided into short, easy-to-read paragraphs. Titles should be in bold, not italic, or underlined that heavy for perception.

Volume summary should not exceed one A4 page. A lot of information irritates the employer. Any additional information that you deem important, you can always tell in the interview.

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