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6 most Common mistakes in the interview

6 most Common mistakes in the interview
6 most Common mistakes in the interview
Errors set out below are not just for the interview itself. Remember that the interview actually begins as soon as you arrive to your destination, ie even before you talk to the interviewer. Not one candidate failed event, not because bad interviewed or a bad specialist, but only because of inappropriate behavior at the reception.

1 . Use common phrases and hackneyed cliches when answering the interviewer’s questions

I recommend that you avoided lengthy answers and surface characteristics your past work. A good interviewer will never allow you to get rid platitudes and vague formulations. He needs specific information. You can use it to find out whether you meet the office to which applying. Therefore, if you are asked, for example, to give their professional or personal qualities likely to be followed by further question: “Describe a situation where you had a chance to put them into practice.” If you say that participated in the development of many business projects, you will always be asked to specify – which ones. If you tell them that thanks to you your former company profits increased by 25%, to be sure – the interviewer wish to learn in detail, how did you achieve it. Remember, all abstract reasoning You will be forced to support with examples from their own professional experience. To avoid unpleasant situations, be prepared for such a development. Many people think that the more “clever” words they use, the more respect the interviewer will like them. “In his previous positions, I was developing a differentiated system of comprehensive monitoring and coordination of the capital budget in order to ensure the most efficient use of the basic characteristics of the main assets …” Do not expect that such sentences will bewitch the interviewer and make him believe in your exceptional professionalism. Again, most likely, you will be asked to disclose this statement with specific examples. Here then lies in wait for the trap, you have created for yourself. Using too clever words, you run the risk of them get confused and lose the thread of the narrative. By the way, a good professional is distinguished, among other things, the ability to explain their work and easily understood language.

2 . Excessive candor in conversation with the interviewer

The interview when applying for a job is not the usual “talk heart to heart.” Even if the interviewer makes you sympathy, remember that in the long run it care about you and your problems. Not because he is a bad man, who knows, maybe a good … just wonder what kind of person! Just work at it rarely allows to open this wonderful spiritual qualities. No good feelings to you, he will most likely not shine, but just doing his job. Are you able to cope with their future responsibilities? Do you fit the company or department where you work? That’s what interests the interviewer. So stupid to cry on his shoulder and complain about their financial or family problems. This way you only scare myself. Even if the interviewer tears and sincerely sympathize with you, you do not get a job. Employers seeking to recruit winners, not losers. So sorry – this is not something that should be bet in the interview. It would be much better if you tried to look cheerful, confident and enthusiastic person. Sometimes the interviewer specifically demonstrates his friendly attitude to the candidate, prompting him to frankness. God forbid you get caught on the hook! (It is – one of the traps, which will be described in detail in the next chapter.) The spiritual striptease at the interview is inappropriate. One day, a young and promising specialist hired in large trading company. In a fit of candor, he told an interviewer that the post – the most suitable option for him to gain experience before he opened his own business. Do you think that the company wanted to create his own hands a potential competitor? Try not to talk too much about their plans and views on life. Do not comment on political events, social issues and the actions of others – your opinions do not necessarily coincide with the views of your potential employers.

3 . Blefovanie.

Convince the interviewer that you need as soon as possible to learn about the result, because you have more suggestions – old, beaten trick. Do not use this tactic – it will lead to disastrous results. Better to show that you are very interested in this work. But at the same time make it clear that the failure will not be an irreparable sorrow for you. You – highly skilled professionals, who knows his worth! However, it is important to comply with the measure: it is impossible to look at your future boss down, but you can not look like a miserable beggar – organizations seek to recruit winners.

4 . Efforts to psychological manipulation interviewer.

Sometimes, after reading manuals cheapest successful interviewing or Dale Carnegie books, candidates are trying to use “clever” psychological techniques. For example, in the arsenal of NLP – there are all sorts of “adjustment” (copying the behavior of the interviewer and his manner of speaking), “calibration”, “anchoring” and so on. Beware of these games! This is the case when you can outwit except himself. Remember that the interviewer usually works a man is very experienced in communication. Rather, the psychological manipulation techniques he knows much better than you. Therefore, do not try to touch the right chord in his soul. This way you will achieve just that the credibility of you will be over. If the interviewer is of the opposite sex, some candidates are trying to use their sex appeal. Anything goes: and compliments, and female (male) coquetry and flirting with the interviewer. Women are often used for minor sexual scams various parts of his body – a fleeting laying hands behind his head to his chest forward; seductive fidgeting in his chair; mini-skirts, showing the beauty of the legs, etc. Experienced interviewer never bite on such tricks. Another thing is that it can play up to the candidate to see how far he is willing to go. But the result of the interview will definitely not in your favor. In addition, you run the risk of becoming a victim of fraud. (As in the joke about the singer: “How so? Vocal checked on the couch and not have to work.” ) Do not be naive to believe that attempts to manipulate it will be regarded as your ability to communicate with people. Likely to be opposite. If the interviewer wants to evaluate your communication skills, he did not hesitate to ask them to show you. (Of course, you’ve heard the horror stories about how tricky the interviewer offers the candidate: “Sell me a stone,” etc.) himself take the initiative in this matter is absolutely contraindicated!

5 . The emphasis on personal acquaintance with business leaders, prominent politicians or famous in your professional environment specialists.

This manner of reason is particularly prevalent among the sales-managers and applicants for executive positions mid-level managers. Even if you have relatives or friends oligarchs ministers should not intrusive to demonstrate a close relationship with them and, especially, high-profile names casually mention during the conversation with the interviewer. It’s not even the fact that such information can be easily verified. There are simply psychological rule: the little man, the more he tries to show his closeness to the great of this world. In addition, you run the risk of running into quipped: “If you have such powerful friends, why are you looking for a job in our humble company?” It is quite another thing, if you asked a specific question. For example: “Who do you maintain business contacts while working on the same job?” The names of famous names will work in your favor. But, again, you should avoid excessive familiarity and distance pat on the back, such as: “But I’m in the bath yesterday Tolia Chubais and say .

6 . “bombast”

hese include a variety of tricks candidates who, in their opinion, should give them an extra “weight” and importance. Unfortunately, in practice it turns out the other way around. One of my colleague, very sarcastically calls it “bombast”. In people, the sort of thing for a long time are called “Left Pontus” There are candidates who come for interview, holding on his face scowling, anxious expression and trying to expose their folder or case. Busily rustled his papers, they are struggling to show his involvement in the “decision-making”. Has a sense of humor interviewer will not fail to politely apologize for what took time from a busy person so . And also politely say goodbye to him. Interviewer humorless do the same thing using slightly different expression … Tip: not worth every step emphasize their efficiency and entrepreneurship. You can show them if you take on the job – and then they will appreciate. It will be much better, if at the time of the interview you will demonstrate friendliness, openness and desire to work in a team. For this reason, it is not necessary to bring laptops and handheld computers, and, especially, to open them with a straight face during the interview. In the yard twenty-first century. Today superfashionable and super-expensive technical toys little impression on anyone. Even more so – on the employers. There are persons who, coming in for an interview to a foreign company, are experiencing an overwhelming desire to always somewhere to call and solve their problems. What serious (in their view) would not have been the reasons for this behavior – the need to make an important business call, a desire to inquire about the health of your grandmother – the impression of the candidates will be ruined once and for all. It should be said about mobile phones. If you are going to meet with the prospective employer, unplug your phone and hide it away! Remember, there is nothing that infuriates the interviewer as suddenly ringing cell phone in the pocket of the candidate and following this “cool” talk, interrupting the course of the interview. Long gone are the days when a mobile phone in the hands of others to act as a shaman drum on the natives of the tribe, “Mumba Yumba.” It’s in the early 90’s, he testified “steepness” of its owner, and increased influence over the people. Today, every second student has a cell phone in his belt. (And, it is, exposing, and with the expression with which in the days of the Wild West cowboys wore six-shooters Colt .45-caliber. What to do – things transitory fashion, the fashion for “slope” is eternal.) However, various manipulations with mobile phones – flaunting, demonstrative business calls – are still common during the interview. Especially these different candidates for the positions of managers of the lower and middle managers. Contrary to their expectations, such actions seem just fine zhlobstvom and not a sign of success and respectability.

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