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7 things to which the employer is looking to resume

7 things to which the employer is looking to resume
7 things to which the employer is looking to resume
Not so long ago, we talked about what to look in the resume of Google . Now it’s time to Facebook. Recruiter Company replied to a thread on Quora question of what to pay attention to the summary of people to get a job. For obvious reasons, the user has decided to remain anonymous, but he unwrapped and very useful answer does not give reason to doubt his experience.

What to look for in a resume

  1. Last post. The first thing I look at the last position of the person. Out he voluntarily or was fired? How long he worked and what tasks are performed? It is important to get the answers to these questions.
  2. Recognition of the company. It is much easier to understand how proficient people on the basis of the previous name of the company where he worked. When I see the name of the previous job -known company , it is an occasion for me to put a man thought little plus.
  3. Overall experience. Was career? Whether to increase the complexity of the tasks? Is the title of the work performed?
    Search by keyword. If I’m looking for a programmer, I do not care how good the people in the management of business projects. In this case, I really helps a combination Ctrl + F, which I’m just looking for keywords in your resume .
  4. Breaks. I have nothing against long breaks, but please explain what you were doing at the time. Not worked for three years? Great, but I need to know why. Raise the child? Tried to run your business ? Tell us about it in the abstract.
  5. The presence on the web . My favorite part of my job – to seek job applicants on social networks. Twitter, Facebook – they can say about you is much more than a resume. Therefore, if you want to get a job is to take care of the adequacy of their profile in social networks .
  6. Making a resume. Errors length, sharpness and clarity

What most do not pay attention

  1. Education. Experience is paramount.
  2. Thingies in the design summary. I love beautiful and creatively decorated resume, but most recruiters banish your resume through special programs and leave them only text. Therefore it is best to send a standard form CV in PDF and not to tempt fate. Perhaps recruiters do not like your sense of beauty.
  3. Personal information. Marital status, presence of children, illness, photos – all to me almost indifferent.

What you need to stop doing

  1. Use templates for MS Word resume.
  2. CV Writing in the first person. If only you did not do it very creatively .
  3. Stretch summary of the huge number of pages. One or two pages maximum.

It is understood that these tips are not perfect, because given one recruiter, who looks at everything from the belltower. However, they will help you get rid of the common mistakes and perhaps increase the chances of getting the desired job.

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