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Assesment-interview: how to improve their chances

Assesment-interview- how to improve their chances
Assesment-interview- how to improve their chances
This technique is the easiest way to determine how an extended interview and testing. The duration of this test can be up to several days. If earlier assesment used mainly in the selection of the diagnosis or management training secondary and tertiary levels, today, this method is often used when hiring ordinary employees.

Recently, the staffing market is following the trend. If earlier assesment used mainly in the selection of the diagnosis or management training secondary and tertiary levels, today, this method is often used when hiring ordinary employees. And the larger the firm, the greater the likelihood that the applicant is claiming more or less prominent position, have to go through assesment.

Often the news of the upcoming trials becomes a candidate for the position as a complete surprise. It turns out that instead of the usual interview he has to execution, which will be attended not only by the personnel manager, but also psychology, sociology, mysterious person under the pseudonym of “observers” without pronouncing a word during the interview …

Naturally, that any normal person who has no idea about these tests come to mind scenes from action movies with the cross-examination of spies. Jobseekers have a feeling of unequal chances are enhanced excitement and anxiety. It should be noted that the chances of really unequal. The two people armed with professional knowledge, psychological methods and experiences of previous competitions. What could be on the side of the applicant?

It is not necessary to give any recommendations for the passage of psychological tests, there will most likely be the most focused and do not try to jump over your head. Tests are mainly used professional (other than those that are printed in glossy magazines in the category “Popular psychology”), and the best strategy here – to be himself, calmly answering the questions.

But the interview, occupies a significant portion assesment, can and should be prepared. Practice shows that it is in the course of this conversation is formed critical opinion about the professional line of man.

The very form of the interview (interview) is quite different from the usual meeting – dialogue with the personnel manager. Try in this article to give some advice on the preparation and passage of assesment interviews, focusing on the main points and possible difficulties.

We emphasize once again that assesment implies an extended interview, the employer pays close attention to the style of behavior of the test, body language, the ability to engage in dialogue with several participants, the ability to think logically, to refer to the practice, and so on.. In addition, today many interviews include themselves to some form of presentation – the performance of the candidate on the pre-approved topic.

Assesment-interview should be preceded by serious preparation on your part. Many people underestimate her, hoping to act on the situation, to understand and to express themselves fully in the course of the conversation. This misconception leads to frustration for many people.

Start by gathering information about the organization. Take a look at the website, pay attention to the implemented projects and key partners of the firm. Many companies place such information in the appropriate sections. Find in a project organization that applies to your prospective position, and imagine yourself in them. It is important to accurately determine for themselves the knowledge, skills and personal qualities that you possess and because that is suitable for this work.

The most important part of the preparation is as follows. You must clearly understand what you want prodemonst-erate interviewers. Believe me, one of the most unpleasant experiences – fail the interview due to the fact that people did not see what really is in you! In an interview, do not always ask the “right questions”, allowing the applicant to open fully. It is therefore necessary to bring to the interlocutors the right information. First of all, think about your strengths associated with the proposed work. Then prepare the stories and examples to illustrate them.

Finally, rehearse the presentation of examples and stories. It is desirable to maintain common sense and avoid emotional phrases such as “Without a doubt, a company in which I worked before, kept afloat thanks to my professionalism!”. There is a golden rule of ethics interviews – only to assess the effectiveness of personal activities, but not the entire company. The exceptions are the people directly involved in the management, ie senior level. If you are one of them – you can postpone the magazine and check e-mail or an answering machine. Surely there has dozens of hot offers from headhunters, intently watching is temporarily closed top managers.

But back to the more mundane options. In preparing first of all necessary to pronounce the speech engine – logically related proposals that reveal certain topics. This rehearsal will meet head-on the so-called mandatory questions, and without them does not do any serious interview. There are almost one hundred percent probability that you will be asked to talk about your current / last job, assess your strengths and weaknesses, to remember the relationship with “difficult” colleagues argue it is the desire to take this position, and so on. D.

Needless to say, the answers to similar questions should fly away from the teeth. However, here it is necessary to know something? What tricks.

– Speaking of previous work, highlight the points that are directly related to the proposed position. Label the point of intersection of past and future responsibilities.

– When evaluating yourself, a loved one, Marshall response around qualities that are important for the job. And be sure to Reinforce the word evidence. Enumerating the advantages (better not to get involved here, and limited to three or four laudatory epithets), we can say the following: “And now I would like to give brief examples illustrate, in my opinion, these qualities …”

– About the relationship with problem employees should not be to argue with a set of platitudes: “Despite the character of the people, all you have to be polite and fair, and so on. D.”. Wrote about this more ancient Greek philosophers. Examples from your experience look much better. Describe the production problems arising out of? The difficult nature of the former colleagues. Justify your position and actions in relation to it in terms of efficiency, but try to get away from personal assessments.

– Justifying the desire to work in the new company for you, it is desirable to show more enthusiasm. Turn on the light in her eyes and tell us about the experience, which would like to continue the pleasure from such activities, and so on. D. Not bad perceived and frank recognition of the desire for career growth. Do not forget to add that kind of growth you are considering within the same organization.

In the interview process if possible, avoid the common language and reasoning. This common mistake often indicate recruitment manager. When answering “compulsory questions” rather try to jump to the description of work situations. Correct line of conversation is that you have to consider every question as an opportunity to give a concrete example of the interviewers, proof of your professionalism. The more illustrations you prepare in advance, the better for you and fun for the interlocutors. Do not hesitate to clarify questions. Practice shows that employers are more likeable candidates. From the point of view of psychology such a manner to conduct conversation is regarded as an example of active listening and high interest.

Do not forget that you have the right not only to clarify issues and to answer them, but ask yourself. Questions of the applicant are very important, if only because they are – a kind of his last word on the interview. As a rule, assesment interview ends with the phrase: “Do you have questions for us?” This turn of events – a good chance to rectify the situation, if in the course of the interview, you were not up to par.

Well-formulated questions, demonstrating initiative and enthusiasm can change your mind about you. Think of new ideas and put them in the form of a question. For example: “I have some ideas to improve the effectiveness of advertising your products. Similar offers I was able to realize on previous work. Say welcome Does your company have a new idea? ”

In fact, the issue is only the last sentence, but how! It is difficult not to endorse such a formulation.

There are also neutral questions with a positive effect. For example, about the possibilities of learning and development in the organization, priority projects at the moment, and so on. D.

Finally, the test was ended. Polite smiles, firm handshakes, thanks for the interview. What was once imagined repossession, in fact was not so scary. I would like to return again and again to the themes of the interview. After the fact, you already know exactly what and how I had to say, what questions to develop … But after a fight with his fists do not wave. If you are lucky enough to own is already closed job, tell new colleagues that? Something like: “I am delighted that you chose me. I hope that our cooperation will be effective. ”

If this time the tide has turned against you – no need to dramatize the situation. In any case, you are now more aware of their own strengths and weaknesses that can help you find the right path for their own development. Be optimistic, if only because that these people recognized observations: a) happier; b) live longer; c) more successful. And this means that you are sure to shine spend the next assesment interviews and Win!

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