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How to deal with a difficult supervisor?

How to deal with a difficult supervisor?
How to deal with a difficult supervisor?
What if you went to the head of the complex nature? Is it time to send out resumes, watch new job? Or all is not lost, and the search for work can be put off?
Unneeded problems at work. We hold on his job eight hours a day or more. There is even a joke: eight hours spent at work are lost to private life, and each day. Therefore, any of us would like to work in a well-coordinated team with responsive and decent people.

With colleagues, most people manage to find a common language. But relations with the head of all develop differently. The situation is even more complicated if you went to the head with a complex character. Do I need to hurry to retire, or all is not lost? The choice is even harder if you are satisfied with the salary and staff, convenient for you to get to work. In one word – satisfied with everything except your head. How to be in this case? We try to understand.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the other person. Change the nature of the chief – it’s all “empty room”. We’ll have to take it for granted. Trying to change the boss, you will not only cause him annoyance, but they themselves will suffer. But there is a communication technology that can be used in dealing with difficult people. Yes, and with the head too! In order to master these technologies, it takes time. But your hard work will not have been in vain.

  • 1. First, an important step toward cooperation – the manager must know that you respect him and understand. And everything that you do during working hours – goes to benefit the company, not vice versa. That is, to behave so that your behavior is not perceived as lazy behavior, saboteur, idle chatter. In short, you need to create a positive image of the person.
  • 2. When dealing with difficult people, we must have a lot of patience. And no matter how it sounded strange – to be more decisive. Just do not confuse resolution with sharpness or – even worse – with rudeness. Your stance should be firm and radiate a quiet confidence. This behavior causes all (and the head too) to communicate on an equal footing and with respect. But the line “slave – head” always exists. This should be remembered and not try to “put pressure” on the boss.
  • 3. Another important point – the ability to defend their position. If you think that the head for no reason “rips evil,” you try to burn, and not to prove innocence in rough shape. Take a break, give yourself a little time to calm down and the boss. Sometimes it is better to go to the head later – during which time you will be able to think through arguments. Their arguments should be set forth in a calm voice. Do not let yourself be “start”, even if your boss – a born manipulator, and you are very angry, hurt injustice. Try to keep the shutter speed. None of you do not need a nervous breakdown, and your relationship is certainly not going to help.
  • 4. Try not to find out the important and your concerns with the outsiders. First, it will get unwanted lighting “word of mouth”, and secondly, in the presence of other people will be easy “to stray from the idea,” and you may misunderstand. Thirdly, there heads to the complex nature, which will not give myself the pleasure of you to publicly make a “dressing down”, although alone are able to communicate more constructively. Therefore, do not let him / her a chance.
  • 5. Any conversation with the head of the complex, it is desirable to think in advance. When you are better guided in the subject, you find it easier to find common ground with the head, and the greater the chance that you will understand it better.
  • 6. Well, if you are invited to “carpet” is called a “hot pursuit”, gather with the spirit. The chief – an ordinary man (he probably does not know how to communicate properly, in a bad mood, and even heavy character). Perhaps your boss has recently “inherited” from his boss. Try to feel “of the situation.” If the reaction of the head simply “rolls over”, it is better to listen to silence, to say that it will take into account the comments and leave. In this state, the person is still not able to understand the situation. It is better to once again come later, when the head is already calm and clarify your position in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • 7. challenging boss – a real school of compromises for employees. If you are not going to retire soon, you will have to learn this art.
  • 8. Very often head angrily scolding his employees, because it seems that they do not work, have not laid out to the end. If he does not go to the person, try not to take it personally and do not insult Taita, just remember the complex nature of your boss.
  • 9. There are some managers who like to arrange a “thrashing” in the beginning of the workweek. Perhaps they believe that if the team will perform better. At the same time the rest of the week goes well and easy, boss, “Control yourself.” Others like to arrange a “hard” planёrki every morning, give the task a day to as shouting. If you notice a pattern – it will be easier to work out the tactics. See how the other members are behaving, consider what behaviors effectively. It is much more difficult if the behavior is unpredictable boss, and “explosion” can be expected at any moment.
  • 10. If you carry heavy stress, this problem can be helped. For example, there are special training – they you learn to cope with a stressful situation. Can be useful yoga, various breathing techniques (their description can be found in the literature).
  • 11. Remember that the intelligent and harmonious people usually know how to communicate with others (including subordinates) on equal terms, without trying to humiliate anyone. If your boss is constantly trying to assert themselves at the expense of other people, it’s a bad sign. Primarily for himself. Rather, in his mind, “stuck” a lot of complexes, and the memory is full of unpleasant memories. His life can hardly be called happy. So you can sympathize with your boss. Indulgent treats it as a person who needs caring attitude. But in any case, do not attempt to voice these thoughts out loud, let it be your “secret knowledge.”
  • 12. Even if your head seriously formulate thoughts and conversation, as you do not seem to relate to the theme, listen to it carefully, do not get ahead of ourselves, do not interrupt.
  • 13. When discussing some difficult question for which you have enough information, do not rush to express their opinions and do not make rash statements, otherwise you can easily make a mistake, and it is sure you will remember.
  • 14. Very often in difficult situations helps a good sense of humor. No wonder some of the great of this world said, “Do you want to tell the truth – to turn it into a joke!”

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