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How to explain the reasons for job changes

How to explain the reasons for job changes
How to explain the reasons for job changes
Already at the first telephone contact with potentially interesting professional employer may ask poll: “Why are you willing to consider proposals for a new job?”. The simple answer: “Because I do not work now and is seeking” makes you want to find out why the candidate was baa work. If the dismissal was initiated by the company, why it fired him? If a person has left on its own initiative, what are the reasons?

Typical errors in the answers

  • The candidate refused to explain the reasons for dismissal or trying to get away from a direct answer: “Because slozhlis circumstances, it is very difficult to explain on the phone did not …”. This position usually looks suspicious. Man in general, and therefore the interviewer with a lack of information tend to predpolagat worst. So you need to plan ahead for a clear answer to this question.
  • Candidate explains everything by external circumstances beyond the control of it. For example, the crisis in the market there, “Now many are dismissed …”. There is a view that the candidate is like a chip in a stormy Otok and its movement is not able to manage.
  • The candidate begins to criticize or even throw mud at their employer. Even if one of the zasluzhvaet, such a position should not hold. It is perceived as disloyal tendency to treat his leadership, which is considered a great disadvantage.
  • Candidate explains all the material side, “underpaid …”. There is the idea that kandidaa nothing but money is not interested. And this is bad.

What you need to answer

Ready to answer the question, you need to find the words that would demonstrate loyalty to the employer’s interest in efficiency, the ability to manage their own affairs. For example:

    • “I have successfully worked in the company for more than two years. Unfortunately, opportunities for further professional development is not (or was not). So I decided to seek a new place, where he could more usefully for the company to apply their experience and expertise. “
    • “The company’s management decided to close (or reduce) the direction in which I worked. But it’s my job was assessed positively, you can get a tip. ” In any case, it is desirable to leave the company on good terms, without conflicts – the practice of checking reviews from previous jobs is becoming more common.
    • “I have a disagreement with management to further develop the business. At a meeting I can not explain it in detail. And we decided that it was better to disperse in an amicable way. ” At first glance, a risky move. But if the head with which you went (or costs) can confirm your version and give positive feedback, it is a perfectly acceptable option.

How often should I change jobs?

If you want to successfully make a career, and not to have any kind of work, to avoid the frequent transitions from place to place. Change jobs every two or three years, especially with the increase or the transition to a more prestigious company – normally. But more frequent transitions can reduce your competitiveness in the labor market. For you will be treated with suspicion, there will be additional difficulties.

An analysis of the dynamics of a track record is one of the main methods of primary selection of candidates in the resume. Therefore, choosing a place of work, always try to assess what are your chances to gain a foothold in the company and not to look for a new place for at least the first year. I think that finding a new job is sometimes advisable to abandon positions with higher pay, but in dubious company in favor of a safer place with less pay.

But the problem has another side. If you are aiming for a career, then “sit up” at one position in one company more than two years, too dangerous. Especially for young people. To justify such a situation can be your accomplishments and related professional growth or an increase in wages.

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