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How to write a resume, if nothing to write about – Summary for beginners

Work now can not find only lazy. It does not matter whether you have the experience, the Moscow residence permit and a prestigious university in the background. The question is how to find a better job for themselves from the options available. And it is clear that there is no single recipe, as the only correct way. There are a few terms that may be Ariadne’s thread in the labyrinth select a career path .

So, a few special tips for graduates, tries himself in the role of young professionals. Talk about strengths. Disadvantages and so obvious to all – the lack of professional and life experience, clear guidance in choosing a profession, some infantilism. For many, even after graduation, and the question remains “who to be.”

And yet, all these shortcomings cover desire to act, lack of stereotypes, the desire for recognition and success.

With these trump cards in hand, you can fight for the vacant place in the sun. Job search should start with well-written resume. Is this your first business letter. And consider it to be an employer under that angle. And if it is not thrown into the shopping cart – consider your first goal is achieved. The problem faced by all students – nothing to write, no text. No work experience, professional achievements, career, no marital status and personal car. And to compensate for the endless white fields separately, in addition to send copies of diplomas and letters of commendation. These tricks reach completely opposite goals – in the best case, they cause a smile from employers.

How to write a resume, if nothing to write about?

  • After his surname, name and patronymic clearly write the post you want to receive. It is not necessary to list a few items that you could in principle be arranged. The situation is such that you do not pick and choose you (at least in the first stage), and the employer is unlikely to interest a wide range of your interests and capabilities.
  • Enter your age, marital status, address and telephone number. Marital status is to write according to your passport data. Not to mention about civil marriage, even if you are a member of it. Nobody does not infringe on your personal freedom, but in the eyes of the employer, it looks somewhat infantile. If a person can be “a little bit married”, it is possible that, having come into the office, he would “like to work.”
  • Education is particularly emphasized in the abstract, but not as much as it does the majority of yesterday’s students. Do not engage in listing all the “scabs” that you were able to collect. Rates on the image, Massage, advertising and securities interest only if directly related to the position you want. Do not also write that you were his class and sang in the choir. For education is not relevant and will not add you points. It is worth remembering about internships, workshops and so on. (This need not be foreign trips, fit and Russian companies).
  • Experience. It is clear that, as a student, you could not work for a long time. Do not be afraid to specify a short work experience, even if you have worked just 2-3 months, this should be reflected in the summary. Perhaps, as a student, you practice in some companies. It is also possible to specify, even if it is not reflected in the workbook. A graduate who has worked in the specialty for some time, has advantages in comparison with its fellow, having, perhaps, the best estimates, but no experience. For information on how to acquire professional experience, will be discussed in a future article.
  • Your advantage can become knowledge of the language, as well as modern computer programs and the Internet.
  • Personal qualities. The mistake of many is that many students in this section pushing for his learning and openness to new experience. Quality is certainly good and helpful for any work, but resume the student read something like this: “I do not know much of anything, but for a small salary is ready to learn.” Before filling this space, think what personal qualities are important in the profession you have chosen. It can be an analytical mind, the ability to handle large volumes of information, commitment, ability to communicate follow through, punctuality. Honesty, decency, integrity, still in the price, but the employer is interested in hiring is not just good people, but also professionals.

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