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Perfect Resume

Perfect Resume
Perfect Resume
Resumes sent to the employer – though not personally, but the first contact with him. And how it will be successful and competent, independent, whether you will be invited for an interview and you will get a place in the future.

Briefly, clearly, specifically,

Summary necessarily correspond to the job you are looking to borrow. “Summary – it is your self-presentation, self-praise, and can not be treated carelessly, – says Natalia Evdokimova, Head of Human Resources of the company” Heliopark “. – It must be deliberate, precise, focused on a specific audience, comply with all laws of the genre. ” Rather than fulfilled the requirements for the development, the higher the chances of success. To resume noticed and read to the end, it should be concise, logical and consistent. Make it the motto: specifics and clear language.

The summary should be clearly structured (beginners help program Word, where there are appropriate templates). The word “resume” and a large write down the middle, followed by the surname, first name, contact numbers and email address. Coordinates desirable to indicate at the beginning and at the end of the sheet. Then, the position and the salary to which you are applying. Next – date of birth, marital status, education, work experience in reverse order and for more information.

A few words about the design. From a visual standpoint resume should not be overloaded. Do not use exotic fonts and bright colors, is that all? Did business document. Biographical opus on three or four pages with a full description of his life is not worth creating. The people who make decisions, do not have time to read such writings.


“Experience can be illustrated in two ways. Or just specify the date, place of work and responsibilities, – says Ekaterina Yevseyev, personnel manager personnel center. – Either the first to identify their professional skills (computer programs that you own, office equipment, with who knows how to handle), and only then – the organization and duties. ” The second option is preferred if you – a representative of a common profession, where duties are the same in any enterprise (accountant, lawyer, economist, and so on. D.). In this case, professional skills, advanced to the forefront, could be the highlight and attract an employer.

Description of work experience should not be too short or too lengthy: we need a happy medium, and extra details better omitted. Wanting to become a manager, do not write that as a student you were, say, a janitor. If in the past year have you changed three places in the summary should specify only one. That the employer had a clear idea of ​​your abilities, skills, stay on the charges that you performed earlier. An applicant for the position of head of the construction project should elaborate what objects he “taxied” won tenders and so there. D.

If a person wants to change profession and looking for a new job specialty, experience is not necessary to describe in detail. In the letter, simply indicate that you want to work on a new profile.

The summary must be visible personality

Recently, this trend has appeared – people briefly describe their achievements in the summary. Executives note that read these messages very interesting. So if in previous jobs have been achievements that you can be proud of, specify them.

“On duty, I scan a very large amount of information about the candidates, and I was impressed by the job, for which people can be seen, visible personality, – says Natalia Evdokimova. – From dry lines there a certain way. And brighter than he, individually, the more the desire to meet the author. ”

Do not push yourself on the job

your resume should make the HR specialist at a favorable impression. However, this impression is very easy to destroy some seemingly small things that will push you to a suitable job. For example, a person indicates the number of cell and immediately adds: “only calls from a mobile.” This leaves a bad feeling, and just looks disrespectful to the people. And it’s not about the money, but the fact that the place is necessary for you, and for you are not required to adjust.

Or another example. In some jobs a person can be required urgently. A competitor in the summary gives only an email address, while the employer clearly need a mobile phone number. Perhaps it was so swam past you an interesting offer, but you do it will never know, because the economy is more important for you to get a job. And the most important thing. No one will add credibility grammatical errors in the summary! So before you press the “Send” button, it is useful to re-read your letter again: even literate person can mechanically prevent a typo in the process, for example, you make changes. Well, if you are not sure in their own literacy, let someone read my message? Someone who is friendly with the Russian language.

Sometimes, the applicant says that he is fluent in English, and the summary in the language of Shakespeare (in some companies is welcome) with the naked eye visible mistakes. Immediately it is clear that there is far to perfection. Or a person calls himself an advanced computer user, and his letter is not even formatted. This is also a record. It is unpleasant to read the resume, consisting of a complete text – without the structure, selection, and so on.. Some messages are cold newsletter. They are not listed or the vacancy, which is claimed by the candidate, nor salary. Such summaries can be classified as failures and weaknesses. The chances of finding a decent job in such cases is minimal.

Remember, marital status, presence of children and their age are interested in any leader. On this depends whether the employee business trips, stay at work in unavoidable circumstances and so on.. Some employers are interested in, and location of the applicant. They need to know how long an employee will spend on the road and how he then left the forces to work.

Block “More Information” and should not be overloaded. Only indicates that might be interesting to a potential boss from the point of view of that particular job. If you want to get a driver, it is not necessary to enumerate what computer software you own. It is better to emphasize that you graduated from, for example, rates of extreme driving. Be sure to tell us about additional education (courses, workshops, seminars, the level of computer skills and foreign languages). Claiming the position of designer-coder, name all the programs that owns. The additional information is necessary to mention the presence of human rights and international passports. This part of the resume includes free style. Here you can tell a little bit about yourself, even your hobbies. This will attract attention, especially if the original enthusiasm or more and they are diverse. This item will stand out, especially lawyers, economists, accountants, which the market very much.

A big plus for the applicant, if he can provide at least two people who could give him a recommendation.

One last tip. The summary should be warm. You feel when it comes to spam, and when a message addressed to you. By sending a resume in ten places not take the trouble to make ten letters.

Two types of summary

So, ready to resume. Now you need to read it those for whom it is, in fact, created – employers. Here, as we know, there are two ways to achieve the goal: delivery of specific addresses and placement on the relevant sites. In the first case, you’re trying to convey information to a potential boss gave ad.

“And here is a summary posted on the website and designed to operate for a long time, deprived of such guidelines, – says Galina Zheleznova, Director of Recruitment. – It should be interested in not one, not two employers, but several. ” Therefore, modify this option, expand its boundaries. First, you can specify more than one job for which you are applying. But do not overdo it, not enough for both positions are in completely different spheres of human activity. For candidates who have stated that they can all, many executives are very cautious. Secondly, indicates the level of wages, so you do not waste time clearly unacceptable options. But at the same time do not put too high a bar, otherwise you will not be able to leave those who pay little on probation, but upon its expiry offers quite decent conditions.

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