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Psychological preparation for the interview

Psychological preparation for the interview
Psychological preparation for the interview

Topics job search, employment and related issues and procedures naturally become more urgent and even fashionable, to judge by the media. However, it not often found really useful information for job seekers …

Basically, it is the horror stories and the history of entertainment – can be read as someone on the interview did not understand and did not appreciate the young girl who knows nothing about life as someone built a retired colonel at attention; elsewhere you can see the reflections of “skilled” personnel officer, the interviewer about his personal methods of cross-examination and to enable the applicant stressful situations during the interview.

So you see the picture of where the crowd of our gallant Stirlitz trying cunningly cheat bad daddy Mueller, sat down in the employment agencies. Stirlitz task – not to betray military secrets and get to the office, hiding all his prints out of a suitcase, but Mueller is also not easy, they still left a large arsenal pytoshnogo equipment. Inexperienced people think thrice thrust Does this maelstrom when looking for work. So the first advice to those who have already sent a resume and invited for an interview at the firm or agency – not nervous, try to think for yourself and not believe read (especially if on the next page story about alien abduction Kirkorov).

The most annoying thing is that you can borrow from this literature – the interview of the future as a battlefield, where you have to break any enemy, or “surrender at discretion.” This is fundamentally incorrect installation! After all, in front of the interviewer is not the task of whatever was not to allow you to work. Just like you do not have any problems to get the price of any work. In fact, you want to find a suitable job for themselves, and recruitment agency – to find the right person for a specific job. But it’s not mutually exclusive objectives – on the contrary, they complement one another perfectly! And even if you have not received a specific place, it is not a loss: it would be much worse to come for the service, it is not appropriate to you, and get out of there after 2 weeks. So, what exactly can interfere with our positive, constructive attitude that we are going for a job interview?

One of the most common myths: the firm or agency you are welcomed by a layman, a young boy / girl without a life experience that can only offend you with useless questions and more. Let us examine the order. First, sitting in front of you during the interview of a young boy / girl most likely is a professional psychologist and specialist in human resource management. Of course, if he is young, the life experience he has less than a pensioner before the war experience, but in the world for 400 years no trades based on life experience and common sense (the last members of this cohort – the inquisitors, who were sent to the stake of Giordano Bruno as their life experience did not allow doubt that the sun revolves around the Earth, and not vice versa). Therefore, human resource departments must have knowledge in the field of classification professiograficheskoy vacancies, selection of qualified personnel; have the skills of testing and questioning of the diagnostic interviews, etc. It is from this, and not depend on the age of his personal professional qualifications. A simple analogy: if you need to be vaccinated, who better to deal with that – a young nurse than a pensioner collective farmers with a great experience and expertise?

The second type of common misconceptions (especially highly qualified specialists and managers) – the need for a uniform status of the interviewer and the candidate.

“Can still be assessed only equal. Psychologist with a salary of $ 300, he heard about claims treasurer for 2000 was diagnosed with a high self-esteem and make adverse findings. ”

In fact, none qualified specialist does not do. Continuing medical analogy: if the same financial director comes to vaccination, it is unlikely he will expect that the syringe will keep the Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences. Or consider this: the banker says the doctor about their income and future plans, and those focusing on your own salary, diagnoses “megalomania.” No, gentlemen, the concerns of this kind – for jokes, not for serious reflection before the interview.

So we take as a basis, that invite you to a specialist appointment, regardless of gender, age and race, is a professional in his field and authorized by his client – the employer ask you various questions – about the professional experience, family life or personality traits. We emphasize that it asks all these questions with the aim to humiliate you and not out of idle curiosity – he must give an account of your behavior and your words to your future leaders. Of course, this does not mean that 100% of the staff conducting staff interviews, worthy of trust, but in any case, your non-constructive position of bias and distrust lead to an unfavorable outcome for you. Judge for yourself: the meeting is not unlimited, and forces the interviewer not unlimited. And if you instead of answering the questions will constantly ask again: “But why do you need to know? .. And if you are eligible …?” – He just did not have time to explain what, and why. So the outcome is unfavorable for both of you. Moreover, we do not advise to ask these questions even mentally to himself during the procedure of interview. And only then, when you go, you can recall questions to ponder their meaning, read the specialized literature, evaluate the interviewer – but only after the meeting.

It should really be prepared for a completely different issues. The position of “my life only concerns me,” is completely unacceptable. Let’s be frank: the vacancies that are filled with employment agencies and provide for a system of interviews in the firm – a job at high-level positions and responsibilities. After all these procedures cost money, which in business in the wind drops. Therefore, it should pay off, at least through the reduction of potential losses and risks. The employer must be sure that you are able to keep the confidential information that your appearance, manners and way of life will strengthen the company’s image; but that depends on the performance of team unity than from professional qualities of employees – knows just lazy. So be prepared for questions about the parents and the children, and friends, and in some cases – to a polygraph examination (although it’s always otherwise stated).

Of course, there are jobs that do not require such careful attention to your person. And it’s not necessarily the work of a porter or janitor. Take for example the civil aviation system. Worldwide, flight crews and air traffic controllers are annually held a medical examination, which included a psychological examination (despite the fact that the cashiers, and even the head of benzozapravschike Airtel spared from this need).

On the other hand, the idea that you will be asked some deeply intimate (or offensive) matters too overly exaggerated. Competent interviewer is not interested in the details of your personal life and relationship to the world, views, spiritual values. In fact, these conversations differ little from interviews with famous people we see every day on TV, but in this case the question is not addressed to the ruler of the minds, and to you personally. Consider it your 15 minutes of fame and calmly say that you see fit themselves choosing the degree of specificity or generality. The main thing – try to avoid even a small untruth: it is better to avoid a response than to be caught in the nonsense. Remember anecdote – entered the candidate meet the question: “Our company is very much appreciated accuracy. You wiped my feet on the mat, when is? “If the candidate says that, well, of course, should be continued,” But the more care we valued truthfulness. Near the door there is a rug. ” And to the more complex and general questions about the attitude to life makes you stupor his surprise, consider the basic positions: the purpose of employment, interests, preferences, family values ​​- believe me, it will be easier to talk.

Specific questions that are asked during the interview – a long time for anyone not a secret. They are published in a special and popular literature, and other candidates passing the interview, you can tell them. The only problem is that no one question no single right answer for everyone. Therefore, your task – to show in their responses to it, personal dignity, abilities, character traits.

Now some of the typical mistakes. I do not want a thousand times touch topics that should be zatverzheny before school (coming without delay, matching the appearance of the business style, etc.), but you would know what percentage of candidates falls on these basic things! We all know that the first impression is very difficult to change, you will have time to do this for 15-20 minutes of the interview? It is better to try to make clothes, for which you meet, do not let us down. This is especially true interaction with employment agencies. It can be assumed that future boss will take your apology and believe the stories of broken traffic lights: the owner – a gentleman. But the staff Recruitment is not authorized for such decisions. It is associated ordering the employer to send people firmly mastered standards of business ethics. So calculate your way, do not be lazy to go in advance. Again, check out your schedule for the day of the interview. If you have planned: 1) go to the dry cleaner, 2) try to catch the interview, 3) there right on the ski trip – it is, believe me, is not optimal. Another point of respect for the other person: try to remember / learn, to whom and where you are going. Record and take it with a piece of paper is not enough. The man rummaging through his pockets and said, “I need this … Well :, a meeting with this … what’s his name …” hardly impress a secure future employee. Recently, a lot of literature about body language – how with the help of facial expressions, gestures and movements to make a favorable impression. However, to change themselves – a very long process. If you have to interview at least six months left, we do not recommend this hammer head. Better to stay freely and naturally, nothing trying to portray. The probability that you have a special acting ability, small, and if you play a role, impress a shackled man sitting on the edge of a chair or a jaunty subject, putting his feet on the table. We repeat – do not try to control every move, behave naturally.

In conclusion, we recommend to reflect on some of the reasons for refusing applicants:

    • Self-doubt and insincerity.
    • Lack of interest and enthusiasm.
    • Constant self-justification, references to adverse factors.
    • Lack of a sense of humor.
    • The inability to take criticism.

Radical ideas.

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