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Why do we love our work

Why do we love our work
Why do we love our work
How to awaken the enthusiasm of labor? The simple answer is obvious: better pay. Here are just a salary increase is not always add enthusiasm, and often gives the opposite effect at all. That people “burned” at work, sometimes you want to add a completely different “fuel”.

Work and self-realization

The American company McKinsey survey of managers from different countries and found three main components attractive work. Firstly, it is a known, successful and prestigious companies. Second, opportunities for self-realization. And third, the actual salaries and other financial incentives. The Russians, in this sense is not an exception: no money do not want to, if the work is boring, and authorities need to write explanations for each break.

In the Russian office of the Danish company “Novo Nordisk” also insist that the staff wrote. But it is not explanatory, and personal plans. In one of them it is necessary to reflect their professional activities for a year: the projects goal. In the other – steps personal development. “We are not talking of employees: it is you are doing well, and that is bad. We say that such a party you are strong, and such a need to develop. And provides for this possibility, “- says Oksana Bereznyak, director of social, information, and personnel policy of the company. The organization educates employees at their own expense. Courses, seminars, trainings – please, in some cases even paying training in business school. Compensate for half the cost of learning English.

“We are interested in the development of its employees and in promoting talents – emphasizes Ms. Bereznyak – if the vacancy is released, first hold an internal competition for her replacement. Cooking talent pool: aspire to a leadership position on each had two successor. ” This policy is justified, when last year the company organized a new division and expanded some old, many employees had the opportunity to grow into positions or to apply the acquired knowledge.

A similar strategy is shared by the company “K-Systems”. “Our employees have real prospects of growth, – says Natalya Gugnyaeva, Director of Human Resources Company . – For example, after three years of successful work he is one of the ordinary salespeople became director of the department. ”

The work and mission

The mission of the company – a very powerful motive for working enthusiasm, says Oksana Bereznyak. “The activity of our company is primarily related to the production of drugs for patients with diabetes. And workers are proud that they are engaged in such a noble cause, “- she says.

The idea of serving the public and motivating employees “Super Service”. Unlike large “Novo Nordisk” and “K-Systems”, the organization is small, it employs a little more than forty people. However, a supermarket and a cafe owned by the company, for the past few years are a kind of social club for seniors and veterans of his district. As part of the urban social programs the company has taken care in 1800 veterans. They provide inexpensive products, arrange holidays with refreshments, come to visit them with gifts. “In recruiting new staff we specially taught him the rules of service of pensioners. To this end, our management has studied the needs of veterans and their wishes. Now and supermarket and cafe – a favorite place for veterans, the disabled, low-income families the area. Reaches that suggest to us where you can get cheap goods in bulk “, – says Olga Kuznetsova, CEO of “Super Service” . So buyers give feedback and allow to forecast demand.

Jobs and work

Many companies today are using creative moments in the work, coming up with contests, slogans and even the corporate hymns. For example, a group of trading companies “Ost” invited its employees to work, competing and playing, and announced a competition for the best poem, story and recipe on “Shustov”. “It was part of a campaign to promote the brand” Shustov “, – says Tatiana Pak, director of marketing for the group of trading companies . – We decided not to spend money on outdoor advertising, and direct these funds to encourage employees. The whole year was a competition among the sellers, promoters, merchandisers to senior figures in the sales and promotion. Now the best of the best receive awards. ” The awards were presented according to the accumulated tokens – for some indicators. Two counters – hair dryer, fifteen – refrigerator. Among the eight most advanced car sellers played. Money for everything about everything, including a gala evening at five hundred men, spent little, and the effect of promoting the brand received, comparable to a massive advertising campaign. Because people are “burned” at work.

Work and success

Mark and reward the best today, many companies seek. Managers of small enterprises such as “Super Service”, write nice words about the work of employees in the wall newspaper. In large organizations are looking for ways to encourage more variety of outstanding employees. Thus, the group of companies “Norilsk Nickel”, which the state has more than 80 thousand people on competition awards varying degrees annually extends about a thousand employees. In addition to diplomas awarded honorary signs of three degrees. “We want our rewards were unique, and corresponded to the level of specificity. Developers sign advising professionals heraldry and Faleristics, “- says Anatoly Kharlamov, Director of Personnel Group. Signs II and III degrees mark of 10-12 employees per year. A sign of I degree, made ​​of gold and platinum and decorated with blue topaz, for the last three years, received only two people. According to Mr. Kharlamov , the highest mark of honor says the employee who made ​​a special contribution to the development of the company and has worked in the production of not less than 30 years.

Badges three levels – gold, silver and bronze – awarded to the best of the best in the “Novo Nordisk”. Candidates are put forward in the departments of the company, are discussed at all levels, awards are given in a solemn ceremony.

In “K-Systems” there is a kind of club of honorable employees, owners of a gold badge. “The main criterion for an honorary employee – the successful work of the company for more than five years without any problems and penalties. Hands badges personally director at corporate events, when going to the entire company “, – says Natalya Gugnyaeva. Fellow status provides additional social benefits. And even after the dismissal (for example, due to retirement), such an employee may participate free of charge in corporate events, and if he wants to return to work – will be adopted at a desired position in consultation with management.

Jobs and Salary

Separate from the “K-Systems”, by the way, very often. In many ways – thanks to well-built wage policy. “Every year, we are monitoring the market, investigate how the wages and salaries of specialists are reviewing. For example, if the IT-sector is a tendency to “rise in price” sales managers by 10%, we anticipate the event and quickly increase the salaries of its employees “, – says Natalya Gugnyaeva.

In “Novo Nordisk” is also trying to pay their employees wages on average level, and by the end of the year pay award. Its size depends on how satisfied both the personal plan – professional and personal growth. A
fter all, how exactly it will fulfill their tasks each employee depends on the overall success of the company.

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